Monday, May 9, 2011

Coming Soon Vol. 35

Add ImageZiggy Marley - “Wild & Free” [Tuff Gong Worldwide]

'Wild & Free' featuring Woody Harleson

Okay so, first up this week is the forthcoming new release from one of the most popular Reggae artists in the entire world, the legendary Ziggy Marley, who brings forth his latest solo project (his third or fourth to date sans The Melody Makers), ”Wild & Free” (which I continue to call ‘Wild & Frisky) (biggup JW & Blaze). Given his penchant for making this brand of Reggae which is, usually, a bit too Folk-ish for me, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Ziggy’s and this album, presumably, doesn’t figure to feature a great detour of vibes from the artist, but you know that it is a pretty BIG deal in the music and guest spots from Daniel Marley (who I believe is Ziggy’s son) and actor, Woody Harleson (of all people), figure to make it an even bigger deal to all those looking forward to its release.

Potential Rating: 3.5/5
Releases on June 14
CD + Digital

Alborosie - “2 Times Revolution” [Greensleeves Records]

'I Wanna Go Home'

Speaking of people of whom I’m not much of a fan - Next we have the latest release from the also very popular, Alborosie, ”2 Times Revolution”, which is also sure to attract quite a bit of interest across the globe. Interesting thing about this one: I’m pretty sure that I won’t get into the business of reviewing this one when it’s released (but I might) because I listened through most of the tunes and I wasn’t very impressed and it was pretty much what I expected - Alborosie has a great deal of fans, I’m just not one of them. HOWEVER, there is a HUGE song on this album by the name ‘I Wanna Go Home’, which may just be the my favourite song he’s ever done, so that’s going to get my attention. As for the rest of you, look forward to combinations with a returning Etana and super veteran Junior Reid to bring added flare to this project which ultimately won’t need my help in promoting it.

Releases on June 21
CD + Digital

Winston McAnuff & The Bazbaz Orchestra - “A Bang” [Sakifo Records]

Very active Reggae legend, Winston McAnuff (who just appeared on Tiwony’s new album,”Cité Soleil”), is back with a project of his own, alongside the Bazbaz Orchestra (which isn’t the first time the two entities have linked, to say the least), the very interesting, ”A Bang”. Before reading some of the press on the album, I’d already come to the mind that, listening through the clips, it was a bit more Rock-ish and FUNKY than I may’ve assumed (I don’t follow McAnuff as much as I should) (his kids are doing quite well also) (biggup the URB), but, as I continued to listen . . . It sounds pretty good actually. Sometimes stepping just a bit outside of the proverbial ‘box’ can be good and if anyone is so ‘qualified’ to do so, surely it’s someone of McAnuff’s ilk.

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases on May 23
CD + Digital

Black Dillinger - “Better Tomorrow” [RichVibes Records]

'Volcano Erupt'

Problems. Biggup Dale Cooper for fully bringing this one to my attention last week as a bona fide favourite of mine, WICKED South African chanter, Black Dillinger, surprisingly returns with his third studio album to date, ”Better Tomorrow”, for the Austrian based imprint, RichVibes Records. The album follows his BIG 2009 release, ”Love Life” (which was, very disappointingly, never released on CD and whose label, IM Music, has apparently vanished from the face of the earth), when Dillinger’s popularity, arguably, was at its all time international high, so this one is going to be very important for him. The album does feature what is, in my opinion, his best work over the past two years, the big and blistering ‘Volcano Erupt’ and also combinations with I Jahson and Ward 21 & Tifa and uh . . . Ummmmm. Yeah, I’m going to reserve final judgment on this one - I have a very unusual feeling about it.

Releases on June 24
CD + Digital

Shocking Murray - “Troddin’ On” [MK-ZWO]

Following the release, earlier this year, of ”Journey To Israel”, the new album from his good friend and oft-collaborator, Singing U, it only seemed like an intelligent idea for the harsh voiced chanter, Shocking Murray to bring forth his own project as well and that’s exactly what he’s done with ”Troddin’ On”. I don’t know for sure, but I believe that this is his very first full length album. Singing U’s album, in retrospect, is probably best characterized by its consistency and SOLID approach, while maybe lacking the truly spectacular moments and listening through this one, initially, I can definitely see myself saying the same thing about it. Of course, Singing U chimes in on two different songs (including the title track) and fans will also likely be interested in the fact that on board as well is the very popular singer, Yah Meek.

Potential Rating: 3.5/5
Releases on May 27
CD + Digital [I THINK!]

"Dread & Alive: The Lost Tapes Vol. 6" [Soul Of The Lion]

The "Dread & Alive" compilation continues to run its torrid pace - Checking in with (by my almost certainly incorrect research) its fourth edition in (MUCH) less than a year. If you don’t know, the album runs concurrently with a popular comic book, which should be quite interesting as well to Reggae fans. As for the music (my interest), the compilation also continues its very strange, random but WONDERFUL concept of . . . Basically just placing together some really big vibes in one place from a wide variety of artists. This time around we have people like Bushman (alongside Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith), Danny I (with a tune absent from his big new album, ”To His Majesty” and one I don’t recall anywhere actually), Achis Reggae favourite Messenjah Selah (with his tune from the fresh Alive Riddim), combinations featuring the increasingly popular Taddy P & the brilliant Tanya Stephens and Smiley & Anthony B AND the very impressive Kehv, with a big tune from his 2010 album, ”Simply Kehv”.

Releases on May 17

The Mount Zion I Riddim [Jah Light Records/Flow Productions]

'What's Going On' by Roxy Singh

Last year we ran into a label from out of Trinidad by the name of Jah Light Records, who delivered a very nice and well done set in the New Day Riddim and although it now seems like ages from then, Jah Light has returned with its opening delivery from 2010, the even stronger Mount Zion I Riddim. In a bit of a twist this time, the riddim finds the label linking with another imprint, the previously unknown (to me) Swiss based Flow Productions. The Mount Zion I Riddim is a STERLING and HEAVY modern Roots Reggae composition which, alone, shouldn’t have much of a problem of gaining a fan base amongst listeners if given the proper opportunity and although it doesn’t tap the biggest names around, Trini regulars such as Dainjamental, Multi Symptom, Gospel chanter Koen Duncan and a DOMINANT Zebulun figure to help bring the fans in (and hopefully, between you and I, they release this one on a wider group of artists someday because, as I said, the riddim itself is EXCELLENT.

Releases on May 23

The Hustlin’ Riddim [The Bombist]

Riddim Mix

Next, we have the release of a composition from reputable French producers, Bost & Bim, in the Hustlin’ Riddim, which has had a very strange road, to say the least. First of all, the riddim is about a year old and it was released with just a few artists on board (five), a year ago. A year on and that number has now not only doubled, but it’s now producing an album which has TWENTY tracks (remixes of all the vocals) AND B&B are digitally releasing every track as singles with TWO remixes on board! DAMN! Clearly they have a lot of confidence in this one and the initial response must’ve been good as well. When you have a riddim highlighted with names such as Lutan Fyah, Sizzla Kalonji, J-Boog, Konshens, Peetah Morgan and others, I guess you can afford that type of confidence.

Releases on May 16

‘Amsterdam’ featuring Marlon Asher by Leah Rosier (single) [Dubbhism]

And lastly we have a very interesting single featuring the unfortunately inactive (he should link with Jah Light Records) Marlon Asher from out of Trinidad alongside Leah Rosier who is quickly becoming a very active name in Dutchie Reggae music having just released an EP - ”The Real Leah”. While I’m still trying to figure out what I really think about Rosier, if she wanted to get my (and your) attention, she made an excellent decision in linking with Asher on the tune ‘Amsterdam’. There’re four different versions of the tune (three remixes & the original), with the base of the track appearing to come through over slightly stripped version of the Kingdom Riddim. Not bad at all.

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases on May 25

In Stores Now
X-Man - “Atypique” [Suns Music]


If Tiwony, Colonel Reyel and Paille already this year (and the person I’m going to tell you about next), with Saïk, Daly, Mighty Ki La and who knows who else loaded and ready to go haven’t been enough to turn your attention to the FWI Reggae scene then . . . Oh well. Ignore this. For the rest of you (us), however, one of the most highly touted artists on the Martinique scene from . . . Last year (biggup Kalash), X-Man, brings forth his debut album, ”Atypique”. X has been very popular as of late and while he may or may not (he does) incorporate a bit too much Hip-Hop for my tastes, on his album he does cover a wide variety of vibes, while at least trying to stay centered around the Dancehall. Certainly the monster that is Admiral T and Elegant (yes - that Elegant) help keep him balanced in that and the presence of the always delightful Zouk singer, Teeyah, can’t hurt either. I’m still working through this one, but I can already tell you quite confidently that the album’s second half - FYAH!

CD + Digital

Majesty - “Ouvrir Les Portes” [BHR Production]

'Turn Around' featuring Lady Sweety & Natty Bwoy So

Here’s something I had meant to mention from a while back. It’s yet another big French Caribbean artist with an album, as quiet veteran, [Sista] Majesty, also from out of ‘Nina gives us her third album to date (and her first in 7-8 years), ”Ourvir Les Portes”. Majesty, very much, reminds me of the brilliant Queen Ifrica and while I had very little in the way of notice that this album was coming out (how dare they!), I was damn happy to see it when I ran into it. Interestingly enough, while we had been very much anticipating ”Ma Vérité”, the next album (incidentally #3) from the DAMAGING Lady Sweety, the lead single for which (dropped two years ago) was ’Sa Ki Taw Bien Taw’, but Majesty beat her to the punch and just to lift things even higher, she even brought in Sweety for another tune, the chilly ’Turn Around’. Jennifer Barrett is also on board as is King Kalabash. Well done Majesty.


The Wildlife Riddim [Di Genius Productions]

'Badda' by Agent Sasco

Following the Frenchies we have a HUGE deal as one of the greatest around, Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor drops (already) his latest composition following the big Peppa Riddim, the insanity that is the Wildlife Riddim. Minus appropriated jungle sounds this one is WELL named because it is all over the place! Also, it should very well be said that yes - The Wildlife is the real thing (biggup Sizzla) - It’s a GENUINE Dancehall riddim. With only five tunes on the official release, you almost wish he would’ve held off until he voiced more, but placing this one in the more than capable hands of Busy Signal, Bramma, Mavado, Ele and a dominating Agent Sasco gives us more than enough fire.


Hits After Hits Vol. 4 [Joe Fraser Records/VP Records]

And finally (because I’m tired of writing this shit), I feel inclined to remention the fact that the venerable Joe Fraser Records HAS released its latest edition of ”Hits After Hits”. We, SHOCKINGLY, got more than a couple of messages from readers about it (even though I’m pretty sure I didn’t say that it was out). Well, if you’re looking forward it, you should now be able to find the CD and the digital will be online in . . . A few hours. 20 big tunes of Lover’s Rock and Roots from some of the best to do it from today and yesterday - Always love Joe Fraser Records.

CD + Digital

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