Monday, May 30, 2011

Coming Soon Vol. 37

“Don Corleon Presents Dub In HD” [Don Corleon Records]

First up this week is a release which we’ve very much been looking forward to as "Don Corleon Presents Dub In HD" is now on its way. This one was hyped as super producer Don Corleon having lost his mind and deciding to Dub out some of his superstar catalog of riddims and . . . Well that’s exactly what it turned out to be. Listening through the clips, it didn’t actually HIT ME until I rolled on to the Seasons Riddim dubbed out and Don chose a WONDERFUL tune to mix because what we get is a STERLING piece of Natural Black’s huge shot, 'Far From Reality'. Also on board are dubs of the Drop Leaf (of course), the Major and the Istanbul riddims and a few big tunes as well. I was looking for the Heavenly and (if he’s really daring), maybe some of the Dancehall piece’s as well which are nowhere to be found so MAYBE that means we can expect a Vol. 2 of this potentially wonderful set at some point.

Potential Rating: 4.5/5
Releases on June 21

The Question? It Riddim [Truckback Records]

Riddim Mix

Next in we have the latest from the big and bad boys and girls at Truckback Records [hey Heather!], the currently riding high Question It Riddim. I’m the one who is constantly speaking about the lack (vanishing) of authentic Dancehall music and apparently I’m not the only one who’s had that concern as Truckback delivers in the new riddim a genuine Dancehall riddim, circa ~1998 (sounds like a remake just a bit, but I’m pretty sure it‘s an original). It’s kind of happy and playful and not too surprisingly, they’ve checked some of the biggest names in the business to supply the lyrical pyrotechnics (it is, however, somewhat surprising that they’ve done it twenty times). Still reigning Dancehall King (say whatever you like, but as for those who CONSISTENTLY make Dancehall music (and not that . . . nasty, fucked up, Hip-Hop hybrid shit) 'The Doctor' is still king), Beenie Man, shines the brightest here with three tracks between two tunes. 'King of Swag' is apparently receiving more hype between the two, but for me, 'Disrespect' is nearly brilliant and the better of the two. Joining the ace are a flaming Mr. Vegas (big big tune!), an entirely more comfortable Lady Saw, Red Rat, Major Mackerel {see note}, Teflon, Natalie Storm, Stacious and others. Still, by far the most colourful name on the Question It, to my eyes, is the outstanding reigning Vincy Mas Soca Monarch three times over, Skinny Fabulous! How nice would it be if, between pushing the chaotic insanity in Soca he is so good at, Skinny could do excellent Dancehall like such. Hopefully it is the forthcoming rule and not the exception from him. All in all, even if you don’t like it all, the Question seems prepared to be one of the better [GENUINE!] Dancehall riddims and Dancehall riddim albums (EASILY on the latter case) by the end of 2011.

Potential Rating: 4.75/5
Releases on June 14

{Note 1: On the phone with my sister and telling her what I’m doing at the time - She made a Major Mackerel joke which was completely inappropriate and socially wrong, but it was so funny that I had to walk away from the seat for several minutes - HILARIOUS!}
{Note 2: Sasco????}

Denroy Morgan - "Link Up To Ethiopia" [Asaph Ministry/VP Records]

The most prolific (in so many ways) Denroy Morgan is up next with an album which, as it turns out, is pretty anticipated by quite a few people, "Link Up To Ethiopia". Better known as the father of the Morgans [Heritage], the elder Morgan has, at least as of late, been quite focused on his own musical output and this set follows a well received piece from just a couple of years back, "Theocracy Reign". As usual, you can expect a healthy blend of Roots Reggae and more traditional Gospel and to drive the point home even more, Denroy has enlisted the help of two of his offspring, Peter and Mr. Mojo and even the legendary Toots & The Maytals as well.

Potential Rating: 3.5/5
Releases on June 14 [Digital] & July 5 [CD]

Black Judah - "California Green EP" [Black Judah/Zojak Worldwide]

The duo of Sugar Black & Dylan Judah, Black Judah, is set to deliver a pretty big EP named after a tune which is likely to attract more than a bit of attention, "California Green". The tune is about exactly what you think it’s about and it also features Hip-Hop superstar and coolest man in the world, Snoop Dogg. I’m still listening through this one and figuring out what I think of it, but further appearances by Anthony B and even Warrior King, help point to the likely conclusion that this one is a winner, particularly all of those liking a bit of Hip-Hop in their Reggae, which isn’t for me, but it is Reggae-ish enough to keep my interest, so far!

Releases Soon

"Toutes Les Nuits Du Zouk 2011" [Believe Digital]

'Chokala' by Orlane

'Pran Pié' by Kalash & Lieutenant

You know, I’ve never claimed to be an expert on Zouk and apparently my idea of the genre is a little different than that of Believe Digital and, fortunately, that’s a good thing. Looking through the tracklist on this one, two tunes definitely stood out - 'Soldats' from Krys alongside Soprano and the devastating 'Pran Pié' by Kalash and the Lieutenant. Certainly, both of those tunes are Dancehall tracks and Achis Reggae favourite, Tiwony, also makes an appearance. The rest of the album is quite Zouk-ish, however, with stars such as Tanya St-Val, Perle Lama, KIM, Priscillia, Kennenga and a Zoukified Colonel Reyel dominating things here (also, one of my favourite older Zouk tunes, ’Chokola’ from Orlane is also here). So, should you require some Zouk this time of year (and you should), take notice that, apparently Section Zouk is most unfortunately gone and your best choice may just prove to be "Toutes Les Nuits Du Zouk 2011".

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases on June 6
CD [I THINK] + Digital

The Lithium Riddim [Walla Productions]


I’m not terribly crazy about the Lithium Riddim, but when I got a nice glimpse of the roster of artists on top of it, I was pretty impressed. This somewhat hectic piece features HUGE names such as Tiwony, Cali P, Fefe Typical and Straïka D and a mighty cast of supporters such as veteran Guy Al Mc (who I believe is one of the producers here), Yeahman’C, Neg Lyrical, MC Janik, a cool trio of FWI divas, Sista Jahan, Supa Maya and Princess Nayah (and her lips) . . . Oh and even Harry Toddler! Like I said, I don’t know if the riddim is anything very special here, but with a group like that, you can’t really go wrong.

Potential Rating: 3.5/5
Releases on June 6

Gappy Ranks - "Thanks & Praise" [Hot Coffee Music/Greensleeves]

And finally, I thought that I’d bring this one back, because with the digital well flowing and currently available, we’re waiting for a CD which is apparently on its way. A couple of weeks back (has it been that long???) the sensational Gappy Ranks dropped his very strong solo set, "Thanks & Praise" and did so on the digital side, just for a moment, fans can definitely look forward now to getting their paws on the physical release.

Releases on June 7

See Review

In Stores Now
The City Streetz Riddim [Twelve 9 Records/Dynasty Records/Zojak Worldwide]

Riddim Mix

Not too long ago, maybe a month or two, Dynasty Records broke out in a big way with the excellent Alive Riddim, arguably their biggest piece to date and they’ve wasted absolutely no time in returning quickly. This time, they’ve linked with another nice label in Twelve 9 Records (and the wonderful people at Zojak Worldwide), to give us the STERLING City Streetz Riddim. To my opinion, Sizzla Kalonji takes the top prize on the set with the DAMAGING ‘Nah Go Work’ and he’s backed up in a big way with large tunes from the likes of Lutan Fyah, Delly Ranx, Da Professor, Warrior King, Sophia Squire and others (BIG tune from Liquid). More STRONG material from Dynasty Records who apparently made it a matter of planning to do big things in 2011 - well done boys.

{Note: Gappy Ranks also has a tune on the City Streetz Riddim, 'Life Goes On' (big tune), which is available as a digital single}

Jamaram - "Jamaram In Dub" [Echo Beach]

Here’s a release which we’ve literally been trying to work in for a damn month, so we give thanks to Don Corleon (and Markus for sending it to us) and his most dubbish of ways for putting it into Bredz’ head that . . . Oh yeah, it’s Jamaram (biggup Jamadom) who also has a Dub album out.

Anytime you release pretty much anything and we play it and the first voice to be heard belongs to Achis Reggae/Earth favourite, Sara Lugo, then you KNOW I’m going to be well interested. Such is the case with "Jamaram In Dub" which begins with ‘End of The World’, a tune from their 2010 album, "Jameleon". The band, I’m pretty sure, features Sara Lugo’s brother whose name is Tom (I THINK) and apparently they’ve been around for quite awhile on the European scene. I’m not the biggest of Dub heads and certainly not with tunes which I’m not too acquainted well, but there is some REALLY strong material here and perhaps it just gave me a reason to become even more acquainted. Oh, and I’m just going to guess, because of the label name, that the dubbing is probably due to the maestro of Sara Lugo’s album with the cool name, Umberto Echo.

CD + Digital

The Hot Noodles Riddim [Scikron/Big Yard Music]

Riddim Mix

Next, because I do so love them, is the Hot Noodles Riddim, the latest (or one of them) from Scikron and Big Yard Music. I’m less enthused about this one than I am about the Question It, but it’s another (very colourful) actual Dancehall set. Two major attractions here: Big tunes come from Ce'Cile, with 'Pop Style' and Christopher Martin, whose 'Yeah Yeah' absolutely lays the riddim to ruins! Also check clever efforts from Ajrenaline and the world’s angriest man, Einstein.


The Hotta Clapz Riddim [DJ Frass]

'Cruise & Go Round Dem' by Assassin

And finally (damn I’m glad I always wait to post these things) is a riddim which has been working on me for a few weeks and we look up and see the album for the thing has now dropped. DJ Frass' Hotta Clapz Riddim is HARD! I don’t know how a man can listen to this riddim and the Question It and others and still want to make that tired, diluted and watered-down rubbish, place a Caribbean vocalist on top of it and tell everyone that it’s Dancehall! This is hardcore authentic Dancehall music. As usual, Agent Sasco fucks it for everyone else with the NASTY 'Cruise & Go Round Dem', but also taking turns are the likes of Spragga Benz, Flexx, Khago, 3-Star & Kibaki, Kiprich and Mr. Vegas, who has the EAR for excellent Dancehall and always seems to be on big REAL Dancehall riddims.



  1. Wicked Question It Riddim maddd!! Skinny Fabulous str88 outta Vincy delivers str88 dancehall. Charge up with Hottness.

    Like the Zouk Nights too. like to see the diversity of Caribbean Music.

    Blessed Love Achis