Monday, July 25, 2011

Lyrics!: Ce'Cile

As we'll discuss in far more detail on tomorrow - There're a whole heap of things which are DAMN distracting about Ce'Cile. If it isn't a one thing, it's definitely another which can certainly take one's attention away from the fact that, 'oh yeah', she does actually make music, doesn't she? The music, itself, can also be dynamic and have other more 'flaring' traits which can drag the listener's concentration even further away from what she's actually saying. However, for anyone who has managed to sift their ways through the (WONDERFUL) aesthetic pull of Ce'Cile (and you can apply that in just about any way you choose to) and actually delve into her lyrics - YOU know that it is an area in which she hasn't gotten the credit that she deserves in her career. It hasn't all been a show of smoke, mirrors and CGI for her, there's definitely substance behind that captivating veneer. That's where I come in! In celebration of week (two days) packed of her, today we have a look at the colourful and clever wordy work of Bad Gyal Ce'Cile!

{Thank You Lloyd Ricketts!}

"Mi love hot bwoy, but Matterhorn too hype
Rory coulda wuk, but him waan little height
Big belly Sky Juice ah nuh really my type
Yo Rolex, yuh pants too tight
Mi nah waan Sabba cuz him ah look wife
Caan sing Jennifer Lopez tune all mi life
Ninjaman free, but him nah get a slice
Mi nah want him stab mi wid knife!"

"When mi want it
Ah it mi want not itty
Any position mi inna fi tek it, you betta gimme
Been there, done that, so nah badda sorry fi me
If you dweet and flop, outta road mi ah bring it
No badda play round and ramp lak pickney
Dun have di axe
Yow a swing, you fi swing it
Here mi ah wheeze, a nah vicks you a gimme"

"Gangsta youth, yuh nah fi look lak Sally
An yah nah fi pretty pretty and favour dolly
Yuh fi be Ken, yah nah fi be di Barbie
From you look feminine, bwoy you can't chat to me
Man alla mek mistake - Call yah 'shortie'
Cah di style of yah clothes mek you favour Sharrie
Stop buy di gyal dem clothes now Marky
And gi you hipsters dem to yah sista Sanni"

"Wi caah hot again cuz a di man dem
Dem ah buy off wi blouse and wi pants dem
Them thief wi pink colour, my God then
Them ah soon start waan wear wi thong?!"
-'Woman Ting'

"A wukkaman alone slam dis -
And position dis
Bad gyal mi be and mi no fraid fi gi John Dis
Man fi can wuk cuz a 2001 dis
Elephant Man, no badda think yuh can dun dis!"
-'Bad Gal, Bad Man' w/Elephant Man

"Nuff a dem a sing bout a slackness dat
Lie dem ah tell cah di gyal dem chat
Bout dem nah bow, well, mek wi watch -
How dem pon video, under di frock
Him ah talk bout "oh", "no"
Bwoy a freak unda di sheets
So, How. Come.
Him ah tell a nah fi dweet
Say what you wanna say -
You haffi bow fi get some
An any bwoy weh nah go dung
You know dat get bun!"
-'Do It To Me'

"A likkle ting mi haffi tell di catty dem
Di man dem nowadays, wi haffi tougha than dem
Haffi hice it up and mek di sitten pressure dem
Inna di long run, you won't have no mate problem
Caan be no fool, cuz a old dog dem
If you slip, dem will wuk off you best friend dem
Then swear pon di cross seh 'I neva did dem'
Tell a bwoy, seh "it wasn't me" nah work again" [biggup Shaggy]
-'Know How'

"He's given me happiness
Treats me like a princess
So mi couldn't give him no less
Than the good, better and the best
Sometime, mi put him to the test
And him nah end up inna no mess
When he's wid me, him no see di rest
Di man yah deserve mi respect

"Mi waan cook fi you
Wash fi you
Mek up yah bed and clean yah house fi you
Press yuh clothes fi you
Spend my money fi you
Accept yah baby mother and yah pickney too!"

"When a girl loves a man -
She should do every ting fi mek him feel right
Him every wish a mi command
Hot gyal become housewife
When a girl loves a man -
She, she only happy if him alright
She alla change her style
But a nah nuttin if it feel right!"

"Mi want a man fi tek care of mi good good summin
So busy signal fi di bwoy dem weh nah let off nuttin
Mi no care weh yah figure
Call me gold-digger
But any man around mi haffi send on summin"
-'Worth It'

"Mi juss fi like fi sing a love song pon a big, bad riddim so mi drive go link Don
Him seh Ce'Cile -
'Yow wi haffi find a plan'
'Gwaan hold a meds, I waan yuh gi di people a culture one'
So mi look inna mehself
Dem seh 'word is power'
Dat mean mi powerful wid every note mi utter
With this power that I've gaine -
If one life mi caah change, then I shouldn't even bother"

"Wi haffi rise up!
Haffi wake up!
Look pon wi good country wi mashing up
If wi waan things fi betta
Wi haffi talk up!
You just as bad if you keep yah mouth shut!"
-'Rise Up'

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