Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Video: 'Yenki Pou Vou' by Stevy Mahy

'Yenki Pou Vou' by Stevy Mahy [Directed by Ivan Herrera]

Continuing to shine a completely unnecessarily bright light from her outstanding debut 2010 release, "The Beautiful Side of Kreyol Folk Trip", is Achis Reggae and planet Earth favourite, the divine Ms. Stevy Mahy. This time she checks in with the video for the FIFTH single from that wonderful project, for the sublime 'Yenki Pou Vou'. Following big previous efforts for tunes 'Beautiful', 'Something About You', 'Fame Is Gone' and most recently, 'San Vou', this clip definitely had a great deal to live up to in the way of standard of quality, but as expected, Mahy manages to turn out yet another unforgettable and stunning visual treat.

In terms of pure aesthetic appeal, 'Yenki Pou Vou' may very well be Mahy's best effort since 'Beautiful'. This thing is simply GORGEOUS! The viewer doesn't get ten seconds into the clip without seeing the first glimpse of what is certainly the video's most powerful lasting piece of imagery - Stevy Mahy just . . . On this swing. There's sooooo much on my mind about this swing (not the least of which is the fact that it’s very very lucky to be where it is). What I really like about it is its kind of randomness. You never see another person in the shot when you see the swing besides Stevy and it really accentuates so many things - the beautiful woman, the beautiful scenery and restating the only for you idea of the tune.

Stevy Mahy and swing

When Stevy Mahy does reach other people, she also uses a very interesting method. There's this bicycle which is highlighted and really made a pretty big deal of in the clip for some reason (which I'm still working on thinking my way through). She also goes amongst other people when it becomes a matter of celebrating this dazzling music and 'performing' it and even then there is prevailing cool and calm which is the nature of the tune itself.

Finally, if the swing isn't the lasting image from the video (and it is), 'Yenki Pou Vou' leaves us with a very solo Stevy Mahy napping in her hammock, seemingly already vibing an idea for her next video (which, hopefully, will be for 'Shine On Me'). Yes, you very much wish that you were in it with her, but you’re also enjoying the view.

Stevy Mahy and sexy

This is another excellent video from Stevy Mahy an check out her album, "The Beautiful Side of A Kreyol Folk Trip", in stores now.

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