Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coming Soon #48: Boom

"Soca Gold" [VP Records]

1. ‘Jab [No Pain]’ by Iwer George
2. ‘Link Up’ by Destra
3. ‘Work’ by Lil Rick
4. ‘Bubble On A DJ’ by Swappi
5. ‘No Pressure’ by Sass featuring Nadia Batson
6. ‘Grapevine’ by Jamesy P
7. ‘De Drinkers Anthem’ by Rikki Jai featuring Lady Saw
8. ‘Roll It’ by Hypasounds
9.  ‘Rave Out’ by Skinny Fabulous featuring Busy Signal
10.  ‘Inna Band’ by Roy Cape featuring Blaxx
11. ‘Rumble’ by Skinny Fabulous
12. ‘Brace & Wine’ by Alison Hinds
13. ‘You Make Me’ Farmer Nappy
14. ‘Good Time’ by Edwin Yearwood
15. ‘Over You’ by Kimba Sorzano
16. ‘Jiggle It’ by Inches
17. ‘Don’t Look Back’ by Big Red
18. ‘Keep Talking’ by Lil Rick 

First up this week, again, is the 2012 installment of the biggest Soca compilation release in the world, "Soca Gold" from VP Records, which is set to reach in about six weeks now. The main change, obviously, is that now we have an official full [tentative] tracklist for the album and it is, as usual, quite interesting. I was really happy that they got two of my favourite songs from the season, Destra's 'Link Up' and 'Inna Band' by Blaxx and I was also pleasantly surprised to see 'You Make Me' by Farmer Nappy as well. Also you'll see TWO tunes from Skinny Fabulous, one, 'Rave Out', alongside the flaming Busy Signal. Bajan veteran Lil Rick also does the double as well. Other contributions from the likes of Nadia Batson, Iwer George and Alison Hinds highlight the set, as does an appearance from "SG" staple, Edwin Yearwood (who, I think, has been on EVERY edition). The biggest surprise may just be the murderous 'Jiggle It' from Inches, which I believe is now two years old. Listening to that song is just a bad idea. It may NEVER let you go. EVER! Of course, you always want more highlights on this album and there's no exception to that this year with glaring absences from several big names, but I think it'll serve its purpose - it always does.

Potential Rating: 3.75/5
Releases on May 29
CD + Digital 

"Reggae Gold" [VP Records]

So when you see "Soca Gold" pop up, you know that its older sister, "Reggae Gold" isn't far behind and the 2012 edition of the most popular Reggae compilation is set to reach just a month later now. While we're still awaiting a full tracklist, what we do know is that the 'twist' this year comes in two a disc form. The first is what you might expect, new[er] tunes put together for the sake of attracting more mainstream fans. The second disc reportedly features more classic tunes and that's a pretty good idea. Included in the bundle is also a poster and blah blah blah. Still a couple of months and a week away, but I do like when VP goes the extra length for one of these albums. 

Releases on June 26
CD + Digital

"Reggae Music Lives" by Gramps Morgan [Dada Son Entertainment] 

'Life Too Short'

I forget exactly how it was supposed to work out, but Gramps Morgan's big debut solo album from a few years back, "2 Sides of My Heart" was supposed to be the first of a pair of albums, the second of which, I THINK, was supposed to come the following year. In Reggae, double albums rarely work out well (biggup Mr. Vegas) (biggup Stephen Marley) (maybe) (maybe not), but who cares! Morgan is now set to deliver the superbly titled "Reggae Music Lives" and that’s a big deal, even if there isn't a "Vol. 2" attached to the end of the title. A guest appearance from International Soul star, India Arie highlights a set which also features a few familiar moments such as  the album’s first official single, 'Life Too Short' and the excellent Delly Ranx vibed 'The Almighty'. Definitely will be picking this one up. 

Potential Rating: 4.35/5
Releases on April 24
CD [I THINK] + Digital 

"Modern Roots" by Norris Man [Nordic Steel Productions]

When I woke up yesterday I had absolutely no idea that such a thing even existed and by the time that I had gone to bed at thirteen o'clock (biggup Nat), I had already made my way through about half of the latest album from . . . Norris Man (I'm running out of adjectives for this man), "Modern Roots". The album finds the veteran chanter linking with Swedish label, Nordic Steel Productions. Haven't gotten too far into it just yet, but what I will say is that the title may not be what you might expect from the album behind it - There's quite a bit of different blends in here than just 'modern roots', but for as 'hot & cold' as he historically is, Norris Man, at least to me, is still a big deal in many respects. He's also always very interesting and fun to write about so expect a full review soon. 

Potential Rating: I'll tell you next week 
Releases Tomorrow
CD [I THINK] + Digital 

"Journey of 1000 Miles" by Perfect [Dynasty Records/VP Records] 

And there's just a little more developing on something we told you about from last week. It's the brand new album from the most colourful chanter, Perfect - "Journey of 1000 Miles". Had an opportunity to hear a bit of it now and so far, I'm impressed. Besides that, now on board for the release is VP Records, which is a big deal and the first time the label will have a hand in an actual Perfect album and you'll be able to get your paws on it in about a month. 

Release on May 22
CD [I THINK] + Digital 

"It's Serani" by Serani [Phase One Communications] 

Never the biggest fan of Serani's but he does have a new album coming out. It's called "It's Serani" - just thought that you'd like to know. 


"Children of Exodus" by Bambú Station [Bambú Station/Zojak Worldwide]

Really got excited when I saw that FINALLY powerhouse VI Reggae band, Bambú Station, had a release date for their two year delayed release, "Children of Exodus". I've been waiting for this one for a really long time and I'm not the only one as it's also been one of the more discussed non-existing albums from some of our readers and hopefully that means that it'll do very well. Listening through some of the tracks, it's EXACTLY what you'd expect from Jalani Horton and company: Extremely high level and stinging Roots Reggae from one of the greatest to do it today. 

Potential Rating: 4.4/5
Releases on April 24
CD [I THINK] + Digital 

"Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve" by Queen Omega (EP) [Greatest Friends Records] 

Next in is a cool little six and a half track EP release from one of my truly favourite artists ever, the incomparable Queen Omega. "Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve" comes via French label, Greatest Friends, and features a few tracks with which we're familiar and a couple of additions from a couple of 'great friends' as well. Joining the Queen are both the criminally underrated Prince Theo and well talented Guyanese born chanter, Ras Mac Bean. Although it isn't packed with completely new material, this is just a strong idea from someone to push one of the biggest talents on the scene today. 

Potential Rating: 4.25/5
Releases on May 1

The Sexxx Tape Riddim [Truckback Records/Zojak Worldwide]

We go away and come back and people have sex tapes all over. That's  how it works as one of our favourites, Truckback Records is currently lighting things up with their new creation, the Sexxx Tape Riddim. Before we even get to anything more, I'll tell you that what you'll find here is the increasingly unfortunately rare, AUTHENTIC HARDCORE DANCEHALL music. It's like finding a fossil, sure, but you'll find it here. On top of that, it should be to the surprise of not a single living thing that when you make a riddim called the Sexxx Tape, you're going to attract a certain type of individual that we call, in the scientific sense, - LADY SAW. The legendary DJ liked it so much she voiced it twice (with probably the riddim's two biggest tunes). Joining Ms. Hall is another legend in Capleton (there's a tape I wouldn't want to see AT ALL), Natalie Storm, the very clever Kiprich and others. Like Dancehall music? Love it? Prove it and pick up the Sexxx Tape Riddim. MAD!

Releases on April 24

The Fade Away Riddim [Stainless Records] 

Next we have what may prove to be one of the stronger riddim albums to be found in this still very young year as Stainless Records offers and update on a classic set. The Fade Away Riddim is a remake of the older riddim of the same name and this one features a whole heap of talented modern vocalists such as Bugle, Teflon, Da Professor, TOK, Wayne Marshall, Timeka Marshall and even Pressure Busspipe

Releases Tomorrow 

The 911 Riddim [Supersonic Sound] 

And lastly this week [I THINK] is another outstanding riddim compilation as Supersonic from out Germany delivers their latest, the 911 Riddim, a STERLING modern Roots track. Supersonic gets overlooked a bit in my opinion, but hopefully this new piece goes to clear that up a bit as what you'll find here should be well received by many of the more hardcore fans. Before even listening to it, what caught my attention is a roster of names such as Kymani Marley, the great Mark Wonder [big tune, 'Stand Tall'], Mojo Morgan, Natty King and even RAS ATTITUDE. Well done Supersonic!

Releases Tomorrow

{of course all release dates, even the ones that say "tomorrow", are tentative}


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