Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I'm Listening To: July [Lyrics!]

'Modern Day Judas' by Jesse Royal [Overstand Entertainment]
"Some people you rate
And dem still choose to show you hate
Run dem outta yah yard
From dem ah play bad card

Hey dem a backbiters
Hypocritical 2-siders
Wi call dem modern day judas
And spreaders of rumours
Hey dem a backbiters
Hypocritical 2-siders
Wi call dem modern day judas
And spreaders of rumours

Hey so why should I be afraid of you, when you bleed just like I do?
The more you try to fight, Jah Jah light keep shining through
So I've got no time for you
Cuz inna my view you wanna step inna mi shoe
You wish you neva live aloof and feel so damn confused
How everyday you wake, you ache because you know you fake
And every step you take ah bring you closer to your grave
But I am like a column weh no easily shake
Mi certain seh a fi mi none a unuh can take
Wi guided by The Master: Defender of The Faith 
Yes, ordained to be great"  

The Shank I Tun Up Riddim [Fat Eyes Productions]
"Hard worka!
Wi waan weh wi work fa
Before it get ugly and somebody get hurt fa

Nuh ramp wid wi food
Tell dem seh no play wid wi food
Man haffi out deh ah look di food
So no bwoy caah come tek wi food

Mi haffi wonda if di bigga heads dem see
It no easy fi mek two ends meet
Go ask di single baby-mothers how dem dweet
Jah Jah bless di likkle food di children eat
But mi haffi give thanks fi life still
JPS mi ah beg you, tek time wid di light bill
Cost of living it a higha than a high hill
Mi haffi wonda if a off di poor, dem ah try kill" 
-'Nuh Ramp Wid Wi Food' by Chuck Fenda

"Love is just a smile
Love is just a kiss
Love is joy & happiness
Love is just a smile
Love is just a kiss
Love is joy & happiness

Then if you ain't got love, you've got nothing at all 
You coulda rich
You gotta big house and a wall
But, no love in your ear, you gone fall
No love in your ear, you gone fall
And nuff time some likkle guy diss mi
Promise mi all bullet and Jah know seh it piss mi
A one thing mi know: Dem nah no love, dem nah no weh a go -
Of that mi sure
Devil himself caan run come forbid mi
Nah render evil fi evil fi mek him trick mi
Good over evil now mi haffi get di victory
Nah go mek di badmind disease come trick mi 

-'Love Is A Smile' by Lutan Fyah

The Dub A Rub Riddim [Chiney K Productions/Zojak Worldwide]
 "Watch how you roam di city pack 
A things and time get critical 
Most of di people dem inna di world ah study this devil ritual
Flash dem oil and dash dem powder
They are not spiritual
Fi silver and gold nuff lose dem soul 
And nuff man bow fi pretty gal
Blood ah shed, peer man ah dead dung inna di old capital
Police fi serve and protect and dem a di biggest criminal
Prime Minister to di Governor General a ginal
Fool yahself fi nuttin at all, you end up a prison oval 
Got to fall
Mi bun dem all
Dem too antisocial 
I no praise John Pall, him too supernatural 
To how earth ah run, watch how you choose ya pen-pal
Di dread dem nowadays, yeah nuff a dem a rental
Dem no respect you from you no come from inna di residential
Ghetto youth mi link big and it presidential 
Haffi strive, dem must survive because it well essential
Jah give mi di vibes and HIM bless mi wid a vocal"
Dem caan hold mi dung, not even wid por**
Cah di one yah well red, hot like a ozonal 
More blessing fi mi dem, straight up total
More blessing international, also local
Youth get court-martial!
Look pon Port Royal!
Chin! A nuh nuttin normal!"
-'It's Getting Ruff' by Determine

The Most Royal Riddim [Maximum Sound]
"Elevate your mind!
Chant Rastafari!
I and I and I, praises to The Most High
Elevate your mind!
Chant Rastafari!
I and I and I, praises to The Most High

Babylon ah have di youth dem lookin in di sky
Waiting for an angel to save I and I
Theif our culture - it, dem deny
Analyze, open your eyes and youth wise
Homeless, restless, babylon careless
Starving, famine
Everything is hopeless
Recession, oppression, depression, dem stepped on
Seek -
And you will find salvation

Price higher
Guns higher
Roadblock, bun tire
War inna babylon system a vampire
Soldiers, police and civilians exchange fire
Not even water can cool this hot lava
Signs and wonders, lightening, thunder
Babylon ah f#@k with Mother Nature
Earthquake, cyclone, flood and brimstone
Drought all about
Mek wi forward to Africa

Well a babylon ah have di youths dem lost inna bondage
Hocus and pocus, dem cause so much damage
Mental flames have yah brains inna bondage
Free your mind with the wisdom and knowledge"
-'Chant Rastafari' by Tarrus Riley

"So neva underestimate your brother
Never understimate your sister
Maybe ragged and rough, but they're clean inside and tomorrow they could be the Prime Minister
A Jah Jah lead the way
And wi no bow to vanity
Ignorance is our enemy
All material things shall fade away!" 
-'White Collar Boss' by Sizzla Kalonji 

"In the name of survival
Dem teach wi seh a money a wi idol
Yes, in the name of survival 
Dem alla tell wi seh wi bredda a wi rival
Oh in the name of survival
Whole heap a war dem fight and seh a tribal
Then in the name of survival
Remember seh a kill fi kill, so just look out fi di reprisal

Well in the name of survival, nuff seh dem ah lead
But dem insatiable greed left di nation dem ah bleed
And nuff a game dem ah police
Dem nah promote no peace
Some a dem worse than di thief
And nuff seh dem a pastor
Nuff seh dem a priest
Dem a hypocrite, cah dem nah practice what dem preach
Dem talk bout di lawyer and who seh dem a judge
Justice fi sell
Now dem, pocket ah bulge
In the name of survival, nuff seh dem ah hustle 
Only waan fi exercise dem trigger finger muscle"
-'Survival' by Agent Sasco

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