Wednesday, September 26, 2012

'I Want The World To Know The Love of Jah' by Tuff Lion

'I Want The World To Know [The Love Of Jah]' by Tuff Lion [I-Sight Records]

Recently released has been a new pair of instrumentals from one of our absolute favourite people altogether in Reggae music, the most incomparable Tuff Lion via I-Sight Records, under the title 'I Want The World To Know [The Love Of Jah]'. Bredz (biggup Bredz), finally sent me the tunes, with the other being called the Healing Mix of 'Prescription Peace'. Of course, I always love when the Lion brings forth something new and in this case it's something that I'd seen and heard a bit of from awhile back and now that I have the full set, I thought that I'd tell you why you should have it as well. 

#1. 'I Want The World To Know [The Love Of Jah]'

The title selection here is a subtly very colourful and vibrant piece to my opinion. Those may not be the descriptors which arrive in one's mind through the first listen here, but I found that the more and more that I listened to it (and listened to it in the way I would listen to a song with vocals - where I was trying to really tune in the lyrics, meaning constantly rewinding it to make sure I got a particular portion accurately) 'I Want The World To Know [The Love Of Jah]' really just becomes more and more open and musically accessible to the listener. After having heard it now ten times in full, and maybe a few dozen now in pieces, I'm almost tempted to call it somewhat 'flashy'. Such things aren't really Tuff Lion's style and I probably couldn't make a strong case for this one being so either, however, I'd have not the slightest bit of difficulty in deeming it EXCELLENT, because that is exactly what it is. 

#2. 'Prescription Peace' [Healing Mix] 

I actually favour 'Prescription Peace' between the two tracks here although it wasn't always that way. This thing just…. TEARS! It brings tears to my eyes after awhile and I can take this sound in so many different directions and really make it applicable in several of them. Joining it back to its title, it does very much have the nature of something you might hear after a storm or a great battle is fought. But I also hear a type of 'everlasting' peace here as well, so I don't think I'd go too far away from center if I said that it also kind of makes me think of a funeral and not in a bad way. It's so serene that it very much has that type of a "mission accomplished" vibes to it, in many different ways.
Tuff Lion
'I Want The World To Know [The Love Of Jah]' by Tuff Lion is in digital stores right now, courtesy of I-Sight Records - so go buy it!

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