Saturday, September 29, 2012

What I'm Listening To: October

does it really matter that it's still September???

Anthony Que in 2012

If you really LOVE Reggae music and you haven't been following the works of veteran vocalist Anthony Que this year, and maybe you haven't, then you're seriously missing out on something genuinely special as he recently pushed up "No Fear No Man", which was his second stellar set of the year, following the simply MASSIVE "Meditation Time". Now, having time to have set and let everything settle - I'm not at all any less impressed than I was initially. "Meditation Time" continues to be a case where it's almost foolish of me to have NOT given that album a 5/5 as the one or two soft moments continue to firm up. For its part, "No Fear No Man", while still very recent and fresh in my mind has also moved slightly more in a positive direction if that were even possible. In terms of just album, Que has already staked a very large claim for AoTY and it'll be a SPECTACULAR moment if someone outdoes him on that in the next three months. 

CD + Digital, CD + Digital

The Soul Acoustic Riddim [Jam2 Productions - 2012]

Big riddim which reached earlier this year and now makes its way to an official digital release is the GORGEOUS Soul Acoustic Riddim from Jam2. Rarely will you come across a more aptly title riddim than this which is… rather soulful and acoustic and produces some mighty output from some seriously talented vocalists. Sizzla Kalonji, Lutan Fyah, Pressure Busspipe, Gyptian alongside Camar and Jah Vinci all score superbly on the Soul Acoustic as do Elena (biggup our Elena), Ishawna, Fiona (in a STUNNING form) and Nikiesha Barnes, all of whom help to give the composition a most necessary feminine presence (especially Fiona… WOW!). Probably one of the finest riddim albums of 2012 altogether - So go get it!


"Inna Red I Hour" by Abja [I Grade Records - 2003]

I'm still just early in digging into "Inna Red I Hour", which I believe was the first of a pair of albums from Virgin Islands veteran Abja through the always welcomed I Grade Records. What got me going in this direction was when we recently (and FINALLY) went back and rightfully declared "One Atonement" from Yahadanai a modern classic release. Abja was on that album and Yahadanai is on this one as well. Early impressions are pretty strong with my personal standouts being 'Rebel I Lion', 'War' (the best song on the album), ''Lion Walk' and others. This would probably make for a nice vault review one day, but draw your own conclusions for right now and pick up Abja's "Inna Red I Hour" today.

CD + Digital  

The Tora Bora Riddim [K-One Productions - 2012]

Had to smile when I came across the official release of the Tora Bora Riddim from a few years back - because I didn't remember it at all until I spun its first and most well known tune, 'Hypocrites' by Cali P. The tune which appeared on Cali's wicked debut set "Lyrical Faya" was outstanding and jovial and the riddim was definitely one of the best on that album as well. Now its creator, K-One Productions pushes (amongst other things), the album for the Tora Bora, a few years late surely, but who cares. Joining Cali P in scoring big on the riddim are the likes of the well talented Straika D w/Sista Jahjay, Sweetness (big tune, 'Respecte Toi'), Jah Zee and others. I didn't love everything here, but it is well worth the digital look, especially the first half so check it out. 


The Bad Acid Riddim [Di Genius Productions - 2011]

Listening to the latest from Stephen McGregor (which I hopefully will get to tell you about before we go on break) and it WONDERFULLY sent me back at looking at several of his more recent pieces (even though it is pretty unique for what it is), one of which was the maddening Bad Acid Riddim from about a year ago which has so nicely infiltrated my workout playlists lately. The riddim was packed with big tunes from the expected likes of Chino, Bramma, Busy Signal (twice), McGregor himself, Ele, Mavado and Laden, but it has definitely been a pair of tunes which have made their way back into my head, Aidonia's 'Bad Pickney' and DEFINITELY 'We Dem A Watch' from Agent Sasco

"Everywhere wi turn, dem ah look pon wi 
Dem ah read like seh dem si book pon wi 
A couldn't di dressing dem find so interesting
A mussi di blessing weh God put pon wi 

A wi dem ah watch
You si a wi dem ah pree
Wi a mussi big screen TV
A wi dem ah watch
Wi seh a wi dem ah pree
Give dem a glasses, wi inna 3d
A wi dem ah watch
Wi seh a wi dem ah pree
But dem caan pause wi like DVD
A wi dem ah watch
Wi seh a wi dem ah pree
High-definition like how LED

When wi step in ah wi dem ah stay pon
VIP sitting, no regular patron
A no everybody love mi, cah mi no Raymond
But I gyal dem love di channel, nah change di station
So a wah do some man?
Caan match di speed
Dem a analog and wi a digital feed
Dem channel grainy, grainy all di colour dem a bleed
You si weh mi ah seh Stephen - caption: Read"


'Alcool & Dancehall' by Krys [Step Out Productions - 2012]

And lastly, it's been a minute from last I remember hearing from Gwada star, Krys, with any type of consistency, but he's now back with a few new tunes, one of which, 'Alcool & Dancehall' is now officially available courtesy of Step Out Productions (which I THINK may be Krys' own label - and his last album, incidentally, was also named "Step Out" from a couple of years back). Not saying that I love this tune, because I don't, but it's decent and when Krys is anywhere near his best, the Dancehall IMMEDIATELY becomes a far more interesting place. 


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  1. Although I do love "Red I Hour", Abja's second album "Mohagony Road" is a true modern classic on the level of "one Atonement". Highly recomend giving it a listen....along with Danny I's "Unchangeable" and Army's "Arise" & "Zion Soldiers Chant" while your at it....

    Bless Up.....Thomas