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Coming Soon #60: Better

Coming Soon
"Better Tomorrow" by Etana [VP Records] 


Releases on February 26
CD + Digital 
"New Name" by Jah9 [Rory Stone Love]

'New Name'

The always impressive Jah9 is set to deliver her debut album, “New Name”, and I'm full excited waiting for a piece which, at least to me, has something special rotating around it at this point. Last year the vocalist dropped a handful of singles for Rory Stone Love, one of which was the MOUNTAINOUS title track for this album as well 'Jungle' and 'Mr. Right' and if they're all on board this project (and there is no way they are not), they figure to head up what is sure to be a powerful release and one which I am really looking forward to getting my paws on. Call it a 'sleeper or something like that, but call it purchased when it reaches. Review coming soon. 

Releases on February 26
CD + Digital
The Scriptures Riddim [Don Corleon Records] 

I actually thought that this one had been released with as popular as it's already become, but along with releasing his cousin's second album, "The 8 Year Affair", early 2013 has been kind to ace producer, Don Corleon with the forthcoming release of his HUGE new riddim, the Scriptures. The track is a slower one which very much carries the mantle of quality established during Corleon's fantastic career. It is a beautiful track. Leading the way, without a doubt, is Jah Cure with 'Stronger', but extremely sizable tracks also come from the likes of Chronixx, Tessanne Chin, Jah Vinci (big tune), Duane Stephenson, Morgan Heritage and others. Not to be missed. 

Releases on March 12
The Iklektik Riddim [Xtermintator Productions]

The very familiarly vibed (as its cover suggests) Iklektik Riddim is up next from the mighty Xterminator Productions and, as is their norm, it's of a top notch quality in its brevity. The riddim only carries six tunes, but nearly all of them are worth checking, coming in from Jesse Royal, of course, Lutan Fyah, Jimmy Riley and the brothers Bonner, Richie Spice, Snatcha and Spanner Banner.

Releases on March 12
"Subliminal" by Kaf Malbar [Dada House Productions]

The colourful Kaf Malbar from out of Reunion is up next with what has to be his third or fourth album, "Subliminal". Malbar is someone who seems to get overlooked, at times (despite, still, being immensely popular in many circles), for some of his extremely talented peers such as Admiral T, Saïk, and now, of course, the inescapable Kalash recently, but it is to no fault of his own as he is probably one of the most versatile artists you'll hear today. The new set, like its creator, appears to be quite flexible as well with tunes coming in the vein of Dancehall, Zouk, Soca, Reggae and even some Hip-Hop. Hopefully that scene will see a big year in 2013, but from what I hear on "Subliminal", whoever steps forth in the coming months will have to do something nearly special to top Kaf Malbar. 

Released on February 26
CD + Digital 
The Suriname Riddim [MY Music] 

And here's another one which I thought had already been released - it's the latest set from Dancehall star, Mr. Vegas and his MV Music imprint, the Suriname Riddim. The track actually backed Vegas' own tune, 'Whenever You're Lonely' (which would appear on his fantastic 2012 album, "Sweet Jamaica"), and the first time I heard it, I said that it was golden - it is a gorgeous composition. Joining Vegas on the track, now, are Gyptian, Nadine Sutherland, Lady G, reigning world's luckiest human, Christopher Martin and others. 

"Walls of The City: Earl 16 Meets Manasseh" [Merge Productions]

Veteran of veteran vocalists, Earl 16 teams up famed UK producer, Nick Manasseh, who helms the eight tracked (seven digital, although it appears to have two on a single track) "Walls of The City" release. The release features  four vocal selections with dubs/instrumentals of every tune and because it features Earl 16 and Manasseh, it likely goes without saying (even though I'm going to say it right now), that this one is a project DIRECTLY for the more hardcore Reggae fan (like yourself). Ras Zacharri and Jah Prince guest as well. 

Releases on February 25
Vinyl + Digital

Also coming soon
"Lion Out Of Zion", the new album from Midnite via Afrikan Roots Lab [WHAT!]

In Stores Now
"New Veteran" by Lloyd Brown [Riddimworks Productions]

Unbeknownst (I LOVE that word) to myself, last week sweet singing UK veteran and Achis Reggae favourite, Lloyd Brown, put out his latest album and the followup to last year's "30", the curiously titled "New Veteran" (coming from someone who has been making music for more than thirty years now). The album, as just about all of Brown's recent material, comes via his own Riddimworks imprint and is the latest in the current, extremely CLASSY, stage of the equally classy singer's career (interestingly enough, Lloyd Brown, would make a find subject for a future "Discography" piece). Joining Brown this time around is a very nice group of musical partners such as the legendary Dennis Brown, Kele Le Rock [twice] and even the brilliant Tanya Stephens. Also, I don't know this for certain, but it definitely appears that the singer has, once again, enlisted the talented visuals of Jerry 'Jeremiyah' Neville for the cover art, just as he did for "30", which was the single best cover I saw in 2012. As usual, I have a pretty good feeling about this one and you can expect a full review when… Bredz sends me the album! 

The First Capital Riddim [Armz House Records] 

And lastly this week, definitely check out the latest frenetic release from the boys and girls at Armz House Records, the First Capital Riddim. This thing is quite heavy and energetic and electric, but it is a legitimate Dancehall track and a very colourful one as well. Armz House enlists some well capable hands in which to place the track as appearing on the First Capital are the likes of Agent Sasco, I-Octane, Mavado, Chino, Demarco, Bugle and others. The project, also, is a good indication of what happens on the very rare occasions when a riddim can actually consistently produce tunes just as good as the actual composition, in my opinion. 

The Queen Majesty Riddim [Island Life Records]

And also check the latest from Island Life Records, the LOVELY Queen Majesty Riddim which has a golden old school vibes to it, but doesn't seem to be derivative of the classic composition of the same name. Highlighting this track, in one way or another (either in name or in quality - or in both) are names such as Lutan Fyah, Spectacular, Adventurous (big tune), Anthony Red Rose, Sizzla Kalonji and even Qshan Deya, whose offering, 'Live & Learn' is easily amongst the riddim's finest material. 


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