Sunday, June 16, 2013

3 Hours of Delight Today!

And just a reminder - If you liked reading about "Much More To Life" by Norris Man and want to hear a bit more and pay a hefty price of NOTHING AT ALL then maybe you can do that if you check out later today, Sunday the 16th of June when the producer from Tiger Records, Sherkhan cracks open the vault and frees up more than one hundred fifty songs!

If you want a little direction - Check here - and, again, be sure to log on to later today! Besides, it isn't like you have anything better to do.


  1. Hum is it 30 minutes or 3 hours?...because right now it does not work...

  2. It worked an hour prior to the scheduled time. Then it didn't work for the first hour. Now, it's up & fine again.