Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Coming Soon: "Over The Top" by Perfect Giddimani

"Over The Top" by Perfect Giddimani [House of Riddim]
1 'Still'
2 'Interlude'
3 'Over the Top'
4 'Love to Be Loved'
5 'I Hail Jah' featuring Pressure Busspipe
6 'Double Wrong'
7 'Better Days'
8 'The Best Thing'
9 'Greatest Friend'
10 'Marcus Garvey'
11 'Proud To Say'
12 'Ribbi Dubang Skeng'
13 'Lost' featuring Ras Attitude
14 'Never Fall'
15 'Country Cousin'
16 'Chronic Intake'
17 'Smoke Billy' featuring Menny More
18 'Silly You'
19 'Looking Glass'
20 'Africa Bound'

Big news up as Reggae star, Perfect Giddimani, is back and set to deliver his seventh studio album and his very first since… his last one, next month, "Over The Top". The album marks his second album with an Austrian based label, following 2008's "Born Dead With Life" for the mighty IrieVibrations [new Jahcoustix album, "Frequency", in stores now], as handling production here is the FINE House of Riddim. Previously, of course, Perfect had extensively done with the label and done a variety of singles for HoR. Perhaps most notably was the TRULY ridiculous, yet virtually impossible to put down 'Big Fat Ganja Spliff' from a few years back and, as it has become the case, making 'the next' album from Perfect has become a big deal and of those who have yet to do one, certainly the House of Riddim is an excellent choice. 

Checking in at twenty tracks, with a playing time exceeding seventy minutes, "Over The Top" figures to be a substantial project, with big features coming from VI stars Pressure Busspipe and Ras Attitude, along with Menny More. Also, "Over The Top" carries 'Ribbi Dubang Skeng', which I believe may be its first single, as well as the well spun 'Country Cousin', atop Riddim Wise's MASSIVE Downtown Riddim. 

I haven't really dug into this one yet, but as I've said in the past, Perfect is at the height of his powers these days and despite his inherent erratic and explosive ways, at least as far as albums, he's quietly become one of the most dependable names in the genre with his last THREE sets being full winners. "Over The Top" figures to be absolutely no different from that and it is a Perfect album which means that you know it will be entertaining as well. "Over The Top" by Perfect Giddimani via House of Riddim and VPAL arrives in stores on September 10.

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