Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'Run Away' by Pressure!

'Run Away' by Pressure [I Grade Records]
It has taken a long time, but it definitely seems like a logical match. Similar to the case of last year's brilliant "Know Thyself" album from the equally sagacious Ras Batch, the idea of an album from VI star, Pressure Busspipe, for I Grade Records does seem like something which might have occurred already. On the simplest of levels - Years ago when it seemed as if the Virgin Islands produced a new and captivating talent in Roots Reggae music on an almost monthly basis (it was, literally, a production warehouse for big artists for a few years!), the one who came about and really pointed himself towards becoming a bonafide star throughout the entire genre was Pressure Busspipe via dropping… unarguably one the greatest love songs in the history of modern Reggae music, 'Love & Affection' a few years back. At the same time, I Grade Records was in the process of continuing to develop themselves as, just as decisively, THE biggest Reggae label from out of the VI as well. Furthermore, it wasn't as if the two avoided one another either. As early as a decade ago, Pressure would appear on (an album I should really do a review for) "Geoman", which was the third Midnite album for IGR and its fourth or fifth ever, in 2003 (Pressure ignites and does an album for Don Corleon and then comes back and does one for Dean Pond and now I Grade!). The Star Lion Family alum would also appear on I Grade projects for Yahadanai, NiyoRah (coincidentally, both of those albums, "One Atonement" and "Purification Session", respectively, have been declared modern classics on these pages) and another album from Midnite in 2005, "Let Live" [the album with 'The Gad' on it]. AND [!] as IGR has entered a next stage in their existence, with working alongside the Zion I Kings, Pressure has also been visible there, appearing on both last year's "Jah Golden Throne" set ["Culture Inna yuh face! Babylon a vulture, a time you get erased"] [BOOM!] as well as the MAMMOTH "Joyful Noise" ["Modern Pharaoh! I don't fear you!] [WHAT!] compilation from 2009 and, of course, the recently released Songbird Riddim (all of which you already own). 

So after all of that - why not make an album??? Yes! In the offering is the long awaited new album from Pressure Busspipe, his first for I Grade Records and, ahead of that, IGR is set to drop the album's first single, the stunning 'Run Away'. 

"Run away, you can't run away -
From yourself
Cause when its only you and Jah alone
Who will be your help?
No one but yourself
Run away, you can't run away -
From yourself
Cause when you do good unto others yow -
Might be better for your health
Overstand yourself

Little youth no run down vanity, a wah dat to ah prove?
TV, a dat will make you confused 
And one day you'll be the best, get all the respect due
Don't follow evil when they walk
Your action is a manifestation of your thoughts 
Do good and make it bless another heart

See you sow you will reap it
Things will happen once you speak it
Every man will carry feelings -
But it's the one lives life and finds the meaning, are you dreaming
Life a nothing fi you play with 
Man a warrior like King David 
Know your culture and your heritage

Jah Jah liveth in man, so make your light shine
As I read a Psalm, the blessings unfold every time
While babylon ah work fi control every mind
Just look within yourself and keep it real yeah
Mi tell yuh who caan hear ahgo feel yeah 
How Jah fi gi yuh blessing and you gi it weh?
Watch how di judgment come - 
Now you seet deh!" 

Right now, already, the song probably ranks as one of the best ten or so that I've heard from the first ten months of 2013 and I CANNOT WAIT to hear the full album. As I've said in the past, Pressure's talents are amongst the absolute greatest in Reggae music today and, given the stretch of brilliance IGR and the ZIK have been enjoying recently, I think that this one has a chance to be a future classic as well. Until then, however, be sure to check out 'Run Away' by Pressure from I Grade Records and the Zion I Kings when it reaches digital shelves on October 29.

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  1. Looks really good. Single sounds big & the vibes nice. Growth, challenge & upliftment type tune.