Thursday, November 21, 2013

Coming Soon: "Hailelujah Song" by Mikey General

"Hailelujah Song" by Mikey General [ReggaeLand Productions]

Set to return with his second album in a year's time is amazing veteran Reggae singer, Mikey General, with "Hailelujah Song". The album comes from a most interesting source - the wonderful people at ReggaeLand from out of Spain who stepped out last year with a 2012 as big as anyone's. The same label did albums for the likes of Singer Jah, Malijah, Chantelle Ernandez and most memorably, Anthony Que with the fantastic "Don't Fear No Man". Previously, the General had worked with ReggaeLand on an outstanding single by the name of 'King Selassie I Alone', which does appear on this album and he also recently reached their new Change Riddim with a tune which you will also find on the new album.
'King Selassie I Alone' [2012]
As its title would suggest, "Hailelujah Song" appears to be more of the same sweet brand of Roots Reggae music that fans have come to expect from the General throughout his excellent career. Over the years, while a level of superstardom has seemed to elude him, Mikey General has really been one of the most consistent and respected of voices in the entire genre and personally, as I've gotten older and older, my esteem for his works has done absolutely nothing but grow. So I am well looking forward to the new album.

The same could be said for the work of ReggaeLand who, along with doing the aforementioned sizable album for Anthony Que and others, have really made a strong rise of their own and have maintained a healthy release schedule of tracks and singles over the past couple of years as well and it has, in full, been more than solid (that is a really long sentence. So, with singer and artist clearly in a fine form, respectively the new album figures to be a very strong one. You can find out for yourself when Mikey General's "Hailelujah Time" from ReggaeLand Productions arrives in stores on December 3, virtually the same time as "Qabalah Man", the new album from his 'spiritual brother', Luciano.

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