Sunday, December 29, 2013

Completely Random on 2013!

While it had absolutely giant shoes to fill as those of its predecessors were so sizable, in retrospect, 2013 was a year which was very good to Reggae fans. Be it showcasing the rise to prominence of several names who figure to be with us for years to come (both in the spotlight and behind the scenes), offering up albums which should go on to be all time greats or featuring those who found crossover successes in the most unexpected of ways, the year kept us thrilled and wanting to see what would happen next and to whom. In your immediate future, unfortunately, is this rubbish - as we, once again, make our annual attempt to put it all together and make some big distinctions. Today we exercise poor judgment and a unashamed lack of common sense of go Completely Random on 2013!

The Artists
Reggae/Dancehall Artist of The Year

Female Reggae/Dancehall Artist of The Year

Best New Artist
Jah Bouks

Comeback Artist of The Year
Super Blue

Surprise Artist of The Year
Tessanne Chin

Singer of The Year

European Reggae Artist of The Year

Virgin Islands Reggae Artist of The Year

FWI/French Artist of The Year

Zouk Artist of The Year

Lyricist of The Year

Male Lyricist of The Year
Kabaka Pyramid

Soca Artist of The Year
Bunji Garlin

Female Soca Artist of The Year
Patrice Roberts

Commercial Artist of The Year
Snoop Lion

Most Controversial
Vybz Kartel

Solid Year Male
Christopher Martin & Danny I

Solid Year Female

Poised For A Big 2014 Male
Iba Mahr

Poised For A Big 2014 Female

Would Love To Hear From You In 2014
Black Dillinger

The Producers & Labels
Producer of The Year
Markus Myrie

Label of The Year
Markus Records

Riddim of The Year
The Songbird Riddim [I Grade Records]

European Label of The Year

US Label of The Year
Higher Bound Productions

Surprise Label of The Year
Higher Bound Productions

Soca Label of The Year
Precision Productions

About To Be Great
The Green Lion Crew

The Albums
Reggae/Dancehall Album of The Year
coming soon

Reggae/Dancehall Compilation of The Year
The Songbird Riddim [I Grade Records]

Soca Album of The Year
"Machelements Vol. 1" by Machel Montano 

Zouk Album of The Year
"On Dòt Solèy" by Méthi’s

Reggae EP of The Year
"Lead The Way" by Kabaka Pyramid

Album Title of The Year
"The Messiah" by Sizzla Kalonji

Worst Promoted Good Album
"Freedom Fighters" by Chezidek

Album Cover of The Year
"Be Strong" by Midnite [pictured]

'Cool' Album of The Year
"Life of A King" by Lutan Fyah

Most Fun Reggae/Dancehall Album of The Year
"Over The Top" by Perfect Giddimani

2014 Most Anticipated
Untitled by Bunji Garlin

Song of The Year
'Differentology' by Bunji Garlin

Best Reggae Song of The Year
'Hemp Scroll' by Midnite

Most Beautiful
Fay-Ann Lyons

Looking Good
Shalli [pictured]

Reggae Website of The Year

Reggae Writer/s of The Year
Angus Taylor [ANGUS TAYLOR] & Erik Magni [REGGAEMANI]

Best Verse of The Year
Verse 2 of 'Liberal Opposer' by Kabaka Pyramid

"Pon di battlefield, I'm a rebel -
With a cause, never pause, babylon a devil
Pon di battlefield, I'm a rebel with a cause
Observe di laws with no flaws

Haile Selassie I, the leader -
Deh pon di battlefield yah
Humble as a lamb, mi just ah follow di procedure
Rastaman a healah
Beast get trample under heel yah
Mi buss up every seal weh dem seah yah
Read a couple chapter dem -
Reflect upon di factor dem
Focus on di acronym, fi open up mi chakra dem
Seated inna di lotus mi ah soak up all di oxygen
Kemetic Yoga mi bring over from the Continent
Afrika thats where we wanna be
We living inna poverty cause of di economy
Capitalistic and di materiality

The Vaughn Benjamin Award of Multiple Releases
Vaughn Benjamin

'Wrenk' by Lavaman

Happy To See You in 2013
Malika Madremana

No Behaviour!
Reviews for 26 different albums by Midnite

Blog Reader of The Year

The Last Song I Listened To
'Liberal Opposer' by Kabaka Pyramid

The Last Album I Listened To
"Gangsta Blues" by Tanya Stephens

What I'm Wearing

Person of The Year


  1. Hail up Achis!!! Have to give unending respects to this prolific, insightful, and profound writer for all you do....your words and reflections on IanI works are priceless to IanI......MAXIMUM RESPECT!!! Malika Madremana here.....SELAH

  2. Thank you Malika Madremana for all the nice words and congratulations on the big album!