Saturday, January 18, 2014

'Virgin Islands Nice' by Pressure

'Virgin Islands Nice' by Pressure [I Grade Records]
VI Reggae superstar, Pressure Busspipe, continuous to dazzlingly tempt fans with bits and pieces from his forthcoming and sure-to-be-amazing new album (which, according to Bredz, may or may not be called "The Sound") as now, following October's 'Run Away', the wicked St. Thomas chanter is set to bring the album's second single, the lovely ‘Virgin Islands Nice'. 
'Run Away' [2013]
The tune is one with which Pressure makes a mighty tribute to his homeland and everything he loves about it. It also has such a very nice and easy vibes, courtesy of I Grade Records and the Zion I Kings, which really make for one powerfully serene moment that… again, makes it damn hard to continue waiting for this album. Pressure dives into the details with one portion standing out in particular:

"We got so much to prove, yet so much to lose
Virgin Islands teachers never raise no fool -
Mama send mi school
St. Croix produce the band Midnite
A dem deh kinda roots mek di fyah ignite
And now him three son dem ah do di same thing
Tim Duncan come from the VI 
One of the greatest and the world can see why
If you ever ask me where I'm from -
Born in the Virgin Islands"

I am the son of a huge boxing fan who passed his love of the sport to me and the murderous punching Julian Jackson was and remains one of my Father's favourite fighters of all time. So biggup Pressure for adding that -- a very nice touch -- biggup my Father, of course, and biggup Julian Jackson (there was also a great boxer from St. Croix wayyyyyyyy back in the 1800's by the name of Peter Jackson). The album we'll have to continue to wait for a bit more (although with two singles now, I can't imagine we'll have to wait much longer), but you can check the latest piece of evidence of Pressure's musical greatness when his big tune, 'Virgin Islands Nice', reaches digital shelves on January 28th.

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