Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Dread & Terrible Project by Chronixx

"Dread & Terrible" by Chronixx [Chronixx Music]
1. 'Alpha & Omega'
2. 'Here Comes Trouble'
3. 'Capture Land'
4. 'Rastaman Wheel Out'
5. 'Eternal Fire'
6. 'Spirulina'
7. 'Like A Whistle'
8. 'Alpha & Omega' [Dub]
9. 'Here Comes Trouble' [Dub]
10. 'Capture Land' [Dub]

Here comes trouble in the form of a big new EP project from the source of one of the most celebrated rises to prominence in Reggae music in a… in ever - as the constantly FLAMING Chronixx readies his "Dread & Terrible" project. While we still await his first official full length album -- via spending the better part of the past couple of years scoring some of the biggest hits in the genre -- our (and common sense's) choice as the Artist of The Year 2013 has pretty much guaranteed a grand amount of attention will be thrown in the direction of anything he puts his hands on and, for this particular set, his work is all over it.
"Here Comes Trouble"

The ten tracked (including three dubs) EP includes both new and known material and comes via Chronixx' own Chronixx Music imprint. I find it interesting that he chose to go the route of doing this on his own when, at least presumably, just about any label even remotely interested in Reggae music would have likely taken this project as well. As for the actual music here, it is a blend of new and known material which puts on full display the chanter's very compelling and refreshing style which includes both a great commitment to old school Reggae charm and an unrelentingly fiery spirit, very much rooted in the current era (and maybe somewhere beyond it). The finished product has become candy to the ears of Reggae fans of all varieties. 
"Dread & Terrible" from Chronixx is set to arrive in stores on April 1st. Time to get excited. 

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