Saturday, April 12, 2014

Everything is Easy With Maxi Priest

"Easy To Love" by Maxi Priest [VP Records]
1. 'Easy To Love'
2. 'Loving You Is Easy'
3. 'Every Little Thing'
4. 'If I Gave My Heart To You'
5. 'Gravity'
6. 'Without A Woman' featuring Beres Hammond
7. 'Holiday'
8. 'Still In Love'
9. 'Angel Wings'
10. 'I Could Be The One'
11. 'Hearts Across The World'
12. 'None Of Jah Jah Children' 

Though it's still just about two months away, here is an early look at the forthcoming new album from the remarkable Maxi Priest, "Easy To Love" from VP Records. Already the project has generated considerable buzz, largely on the strength of its SHINING first single and eponymous track and there was also the delightful 'Every Little Thing' as well. 
"Every Little Thing" [2013]
The album is built as the UK standout's "first new studio album in 5 years" and it features musical contributions from the likes of Sly Dunbar, Lenky Marsden, Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Donovan Germain and others. Of course, looking at the tracklist, the one immediately striking thing is track #6, 'Without A Woman', which is a potentially DELICIOUS combination featuring the Priest alongside reigning world's coolest man, Beres Hammond. And the album's next single is set to be 'Gravity'.
'Easy To Love'

Still in the early stages, obviously, but it's never too early to get excited so start now! Maxi Priest's "Easy To Love" for VP Records is set to arrive in stores on June 10.

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