Saturday, May 24, 2014

Coming Soon: "My Time" by Norris Man

"My Time" by Norris Man [Blaqk Sheep Music & Loud Disturbance]
1. Interlude
2. 'Give Praise'
3. 'Chances'
4. 'I Pray' featuring Busy Signal
5. 'Music'
6. 'Moved On' featuring Saine
7. 'My Time'
8. 'Giver Of Life'
9. 'Others'
10. 'Badmind'
11. 'Revolution'

Veteran singing chanter, Norris Man, continues his completely sudden and surprising level of prolificacy by now pushing his sixth album in the past twenty-five months or so and his debut for 2014, the seemingly appropriately titled, "My Time". The album, most recently, follows December's "Mystical Journey", but is also the latest in what has to be regarded as one of the most surprising stretches in recent Reggae history as Norris Man continues his run. "My Time" finds the artist collaborating with a different producer for the fifth time in the six albums (both "Mystical Journey" and "Modern Roots" were done by Nordic Steel), this time linking with both Blaqk Sheep Music and Loud Disturbance.
"Mystical Journey" [2012]
During this latest stretch, while I cannot call him completely consistent (Norris Man just does very different things sometimes) (see the "Modern Roots" album), remarkably Norris Man has, generally, been in a fine form. To my opinion, his career has definitely been 'streaky' and it works well now that with this abrupt burst, he has been in a fine form. And, as I have said in the past, when he nears his absolute best, Norris Man's is one of the greatest talents currently to be found in Reggae music. 

Early clips of "My Time" sound promising on tunes such as 'Giver Of Life', 'Badmind' and 'Others', but I'm particularly looking forward to hearing the very familiar sounding 'Give Praise' (which is not the song of the same title on the "Mystical Journey" album… and probably a few other songs he's had of the same name), which should be exceptional. We'll all find out on May 27, when Norris Man's latest brand new album, "My Time" reaches digital stores.


  1. This has been one of reggae best years so far look forward to Norris contribution..bless up achis

  2. Whoa another. Norris Man is doing real well & I consider him to be one of the greatest like Ras Batch, Natural Black, Luciano & Midnite too.