Sunday, July 27, 2014

Coming Soon: "Africa Redemption" by Pressure!

"Africa Redemption" [Yard Vybz Entertainment]
1. 'Africa Redemption Intro'
2. 'Africa Redemption' featuring Chronixx
3. 'Freedom Fighters'
4. 'Where I'm From'
5. 'Lead I Home'
6. 'Belly Full'
7. 'Mental Disturbance' featuring Damian MarleyTarrus Riley
8. 'Dear Mama'
9. 'Parents'
10. 'I'm Grateful'
11. 'My Herbs Interlude'
12. 'My Herbs' featuring Jah Mason
13. 'Just Like Dat'
14. 'Right Love'
15. 'Love Me So'
16. 'Many Moods'
17. 'Feeling Fine'

And just when you thought 2014 could not possibly be any nicer to you… it just got so much more enjoyable (which is hard to do) as VI superstar, Pressure Busspipe, continues to make a run at Artist of The Year with the release of a second forthcoming album, "Africa Redemption". Of course, it wasn't very long ago, earlier this year, when the chanter dropped what remains the finest album we've heard in 2014, "The Sound" for I Grade Records and the Zion I Kings and, one would think, that's just about anything he could do on top of that would chart up to a massive year but "Africa Redemption" is a bit more than "just about anything". The new album comes courtesy of Baby G and his Yard Vybz Entertainment and has a history dating back to a couple of years ago or so (which would have been fantastic), but now that it is loaded and ready to go, "Africa Redemption" is projecting mightily and figures to be, again, one of the better albums of the year.
'Africa Redemption' featuring Chronix single
The album's first single and title track features Pressure alongside the constantly flaming (and sitting Achis Reggae AOTY) Chronixx and drops on August 5 and also making appearances on the album are Jah Mason and bona fide Reggae superstars, Tarrus Riley and Damian Marley [BOOM!]. And just listening through some of the clips, there is some very impressive material to be found on this album, as you would expect (especially a tune by the name of 'My Herbs').

Still more than a month away, it gives you a whole heap of time to get excited for "Africa Redemption" from Pressure which is set to arrive in stores on September 16th

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