Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jah Turban Returns To "Mama Africa"!

"Mama Africa" by Jah Turban [S.J.P. Records/VPAL]
1. 'Mama Africa'
2. 'Love Jah and Live'
3. 'World Crisis'
4. 'Real Real Love'
5. 'Rebel With a Cause'
6. 'She Love Me'
7. 'Summer Time'
8. 'Working Man'
9. 'Africa Bless'
10. 'Gambia'
11. 'Life Is'
12. 'Move Vampire'
13. 'Fi Wi' Time'

Big big news this week as someone whose name we've been chanting up from a very, very long time ago, the wicked Jah Turban has recently reached with his much anticipated debut album, "Mama Africa", via S.J.P. Records. The Jamaican born/Denmark based chanter has been on our radars heavily since he pushed one of the most impressive EP's that Reggae music has produced recently (and if you follow EP's, you know just how heavy of a statement that is), "Africa Is Our Home", way back in 2010. With that set, he showed himself to be a mightily impressive talent and someone who we definitely made sure to keep an eye on for the future. 
"Africa Is Our Home" [2010]
What we wanted most, of course, was a full album release and, though it did take some time, "Mama Africa" is now currently available. It's interesting that Turban and SJP have recently set about releasing some new singles from the chanter and, if I recall correctly, they even re-released the full EP. Obviously they had a proper goal in sight, with album coming up so soon [THANK YOU!]. So, some of the tunes well look familiar such as 'Fi Wi Time', 'Life Is', the relatively recent 'She Love Me' and others - and you also may recognize the blistering 'Move Vampire' which was one of our two biggest favourites from "Africa Is Our Home" ('Babylon Doom' being the other) ["Babylon U Doom!. Doom, doom, yuh doom. Sweep dem up with Emanuel broom!"]. And much of the clips from the new material sounds very promising as well ('Love Jah and Live' in particular) and I'm really looking forward to hearing the full project. 
And I know you are as well and you do not have to wait. "Mama Africa", the debut album from Jah Turban from SJP Records and VPAL is currently available on many digital outlets [see note] and you can also get the physical CD directly from SJP Records. It should be a very strong release and you can expect a full review when we get our hands on it. BOOM!

[Note: Digitally releases wide on October 28]

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