Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Norris Man Gets "Real"!

"Real" by Norris Man [Partillo Productions]
1. Intro [Ruler of The Earth]
2. 'Keep It Real'
3. 'More Than Just Might'
4. 'Children Suffering' featuring Lutan Fyah
5. 'Life Is Great'
6. 'My Life'
7. 'Come My Way'
8. 'Politician'
9. 'Real People' featuring Papa Dee
10. 'Love & Share'
11. 'If You Ever Know'
12. 'Reggae Roll' featuring U Brown
13. 'Judge Not'

Apparently Norris Man has A LOT of things on his mind these days as he releases his… I don't know, his fortieth album in the last two or three years, "Real". The album is recorded alongside the Hot This Year Band from out of Sweden and it also finds the chanter returning to Partillo Productions who also vibed his 2012 release, "Ghetto Life". Like its predecessor, "Real" very much has a Reggae-centric type of sound but it does so within the midst of a whole heap of different sounds as well. One of the most remarkable aspects of Norris Man's recent run has been not only the quantity of his albums but the quality as well – he's dropped some very strong material and, judging from the clips, "Real" may prove to be one of his better in recent times. Lutan Fyah and U Brown guest as does Papa Dee on what I believe is the album’s first single, 'Real People'.

"Real" by Norris Man and the Hot This Year Band is in digital stores today, courtesy of Partillo Productions.

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