Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Livicated" by Akae Beka

"Livicated" by Akae Beka [Zion High Productions]
1. 'Firmness'
2. 'Usward'
3. 'Discreet'
4. 'Livicated'
5. 'Daughtaz and Sunz'
6. 'Loose The Gates'
7. 'Lifetime'
8. 'Have Herd'
9. 'Faith'
10. 'Handle Sumptin'
11. 'Eyelidz'
12. 'Over Antichrist'

... and sometimes we get really good news. When last we heard from the vaunted Vaughn Benjamin (that may be the very first time I have ever used the term "vaunted" to describe Benjamin which is clearly looooong overdue) and Akae Beka, it was way, way back in April when they were delivering their jewel of an official sophomore release, "Portals", for I Grade Records. And though as the name recently changed from Midnite to Akae Beka, we have seen what can be described, at least by 'their' standards (and ONLY their standards), as a slower release schedule, apparently things are back in order and we are now looking at not only a brand new Akae Beka album, but one from a very familiar source. "Livicated" becomes the third offical set from Akae Beka and comes via a personal favourite of ours, the US based Zion High Productions and, of course, the Zion I Kings.
"Portals" [2016]
So of course I'm excited. "New Akae Beka album" is more than enough  to get my attention (and apparently there's some type of return to Rastar forthcoming) and when you place it alongside "Zion High Productions" it only adds to it for me and the initial taste has well peaked my interests. I do have to say that just from the earliest of listens (you know that, despite how ridiculous I write, I could write a review for this album right now, after listening to it for maybe 3-4 hours) (wouldn't be a problem), "Livicated" definitely has a smoother and more serene type of vibes to it, which maintain throughout the album, particularly on some of its more memorable sets.

Achis, like what???! Okay, my very fresh favourites would include pieces such as the opener, 'Firmness' ["Inna di freeiflow of the human tide. World migration is from all time. Though so many make it, many perish outright. Human cargo precious within Jah Jah sight. How you will be written when the history is RIGHT. If you have been kind, if you have been unkind. When di riddim droppin inna one drop style"], which we think may be the album's first single. I also really enjoy the title track (you listen to that song and you'll know exactly what I mean in reference to the tone of the album named after it), LOVE 'Loose The Gates' and 'Handle Sumptin', but at the top (at least for now) is a pair of downright MAMMOTH sets, the perfectly simple 'Daughtaz And Sunz' ["These are the rare and the stand-firm ones, treasured by The Lords is daughters and sons"] and 'Faith'. I've probably listened to the latter more than any other song on the album thus far (like maybe twenty, twenty-five times now), because there is SOMETHING about that tune that I'm looking for and you know I'll find it.
And you can help me look for it! The new album from Akae Beka, "Livicated" from Zion High Productions, arrives in stores on October 21st. So make sure you pick it up and I'm going back to bed.


  1. Akae Beka albums have been a little bit of a letdown.

    1. Listen to it loud and Irie. It's a Symphony of love and learning.

    2. the lyrics are directed to the few remain standing, more for message than entertainment now dayz. di LION have gathered his sheep zeen.

  2. Seems like the hard work of keeping up a quality blog for all these years has finally paid off since you get to hear some albums in advance :)

    Thanks for the preview, I have a feeling this will be a monumental album... I look forward to a full review once you have digested it all !

  3. for i (and i's, i'm sure) Akae Beka's albums have been an uplifting for real. giving thanks for these words of wisdom and tunes of heart to keep ones strong and faithful in this time. infinite thanks for the itinual good works from these brothers and looking forward to hearing the wholeness of this new release. RasTafari!