Saturday, January 16, 2010

Completely Random Thoughts Vol. 4: Major Motion Vibes

"Major Motion Vibes"

I’m really thinking about writing a movie script. I’m not much of a fan of films, unlike my Wife, but I think I could write one pretty well. For the longest I was thinking of writing a book, but when I look around this place, it’s almost like I feel as if I’ve already written one. And even if I did, it would definitely have much more of a different feel than a BIG movie opening up one day that I’ve written, certainly about my favourite topic and yours. Furthermore, there’s the case of my Wife who watches movie like . . . Well she watches movies like I listen to music and the ridiculous thought of ‘surprising’ her (how I could keep such a thing a secret is a mystery to me) with an actual completed movie that I WROTE, is madness. And the same goes for my movie loving Mother and Mother in-law as well. Imagine if I just start writing movies like reviews! Snapping out scripts like twice a week, no problem! And it’s also a ‘gap’ I think. I admittedly am not the most attentive individual when it comes to movies, but if you are, think about this for me: Who (if there is such a person) would be the dominant Reggae-ish movie writer of our time? Of anytime? I don’t make the connection with a single person outside of someone having written a good movie that I have enjoyed, so maybe there is a ‘vacancy’ there:

Help Wanted: Movie writer. Must have a healthy knowledge of Reggae music and Caribbean life in general and must also have copious amounts of free time , also must not be old as hell and lame.

Where do I sign up???

So what would I write about? The very first thought that I had, especially given this time of year, didn’t have very much to do with Reggae at all. Instead, it would be a journey into the beautiful madness which is Carnival and of course, I think I’d call that one Bacchanal. The movie could be wonderful and could actually be filmed in Carnival, to perfectly capture the madness. After running there, I figure that I’d come to more familiar terrain and line up some of my favourite artists and make movies about there lives:

Jah Cure

The Cure’s story is almost certainly the most interesting in modern Reggae and I could write like a damn trio with it. I’d take the story of a strange named kid from Mobay with a very strange noise coming from the area of his face and make it into a suspenseful type of drama. Of course the hard part would be what to do with the MOMENT. I think I’d show it in big silhouette, leaving the mystery, but addressing it sameway.

Title: [Of course] Release The Cure

Buju Banton

Buju would probably make the BEST movie in terms of entertainment out of all of these here because you could literally do ANYTHING in there. With Jah Cure you’re pretty set in stone as to certain things you must cover, but with Buju, things are a bit different because he’s had enough GOOD, BAD (as hell) and CONTROVERSY to make entire films around either. I’d probably touch on them all in one way and provided he comes out of his current situation without having to be warehoused for a long ass time, he definitely shows a bit of ‘hard to kill-ism’ doesn’t he? Thus, the title.

Title: Champion

Bounty Killer

You won’t find Beenie’s name on this list (because that’s just too damn easy in my opinion), but definitely Bounty’s story would make for very interesting watching. Bounty’s been through a lot of shit and I just might be inclined to make this film like an action thriller to some degree. And for comedic relief, I’d DEFINITELY have to have a scene with Bounty going to an anger management class! I’d focus probably on how influential he’s grown to become and hell, I may even throw in something from the Merciless years. I would wait a couple of years on this one, however, because I think Bounty Killer is about to paint a WONDERFUL ending for himself.

Title: The Man In Black

Sizzla Kalonji

And lastly, if I were actually going to do this, this would, of course, be the most likely candidate and I would have FUN doing it. Sizzla’s would be a very interesting story to tell because I don’t think that I’d actually develop a significant antagonist and instead I would focus on Sizzla as a youth growing and developing his revolutionary talents.

Title: Humble Thought

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