Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuff: Ecnalap 2

  • Did I mention I didn't know what the hell happened with Blaxx???
  • I also don't know what happened to Ricardo (, because his website has gone crazy and I don't know what's up with it, so I'm taking it off my links.
  • I'm working on changing the way I write my reviews in an effort to rid myself of the ridiculously labourious fourth paragraph. It'll still be there, but it may be two or three different paragraphs with different and EVEN MORE specific (yes, I am getting better) and you should notice a bit of that in the next couple of weeks and after that it should be ALL on that similar style yeah.
  • And just to reiterate: I have no Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or any other social networking site (although I'm thinking about getting a Facebook), at this point.
  • Had a lot of 'Beuatiful Song' suggestions, I'm literally thinking about making that a DAILY feature. So yeah, keep them coming.
  • Biggup Zojak Susan and You should've been checking that thing everyday anyway! It is AMAZING!
  • Is it wrong that I watched Bunji's video and replayed over and over the 2 seconds or so of Faye-Ann shaking it up???
  • Okay that's really it this time.

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