Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Artist of The Month: Meet Sara Lugo!

Sara Lugo

Meet Sara Lugo! Okay so, I’ve now began to spread the message to the world that - YES, Naptali is a wonderful artist, his album Long Journey is outstanding, the best I’ve heard so far in 2010 and he’s definitely one to keep an eye out for past this year as well. Within acknowledging ’The Great’ Naptali and his wonderful album, I’m so fortunately drawn in the direction of a charmingly delightful German based (of half Puerto Rican heritage) singer, Sara Lugo, who joins the Clarendon chanter on the BIG tune, ’And They Cry’. Of course the tune isn’t Lugo’s first altogether, but it’s certainly going to open her up for more and more eyes and ears (like mine and probably yours) and if the very first ’whiff’ you get of Sara Lugo’s vibes is that tune, then you’re definitely enjoying the breeze.

Of course after that, however, you might want to pick up her only official collection of tunes released to date (to my knowledge), her self titled EP released in 2009, to get an even stronger ‘feel’ for her music. Sara Lugo has this kind of ‘rocky serene’ type of vibes to her music. It’s not straight forward serene (meaning Zouk-like) (biggup Goldee), but it’s this kind of a funky comfort! That’s the quote in the headlines:

- “Sara Lugo is Funky Comfort” -

And all of the selections exhibit this quite nicely, particular the best piece you’ll find on the release, ‘Rock Steady’ and definitely the lover’s number ‘Familiar Stranger’

It’s also a quality which comes through very clearly on the tune ‘End of The World’, which you’ll find on Jamaram’s new recently released project Jameleon.

The hope here, at least for me, is that Oneness Records (the BIG label who released Long Journey) may actually give Lugo the same treatment as Naptali at some point in the future, which could prove to be an absolutely MAMMOTH release (that’s the feeling I’m having). And on top of that, I MUST mention the fact that when you just LOOK at Sara Lugo, ask yourself how low on the list of possible occupations/interests a person might have would you get before, in here case, you would think ‘Reggae Singer’. Probably somewhere in the millions and I love that more and more people like Sara Lugo (‘University Student’ would be my first guess probably) are singing this wonderful music. Despite her looks, she spends her time singing tunes for Achis Reggae favourite Tuff Lion:

Sara Lugo also apparently spends a great deal of time touring and she can currently be found on tour in Europe (Germany specifically I believe), so all of my European readers (with cars) definitely check her, looks like she does a very cool show.

So keep an eye and an ear out for one of the most REFRESHING new faces in Reggae music today in my opinion, Ms. Sara Lugo.

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