Sunday, April 4, 2010

What A Beautiful Tune 6!

Yow! Nice little list this week yeah. I've decided to let this stand as my constant Sunday post, so if you have any suggestions, beautiful songs (Reggae, Soca or Zouk) (and all that it may encompass - Compas, all that stuff), definitely link me at and if it's remotely interested, I'll probably use it one of these weeks yeah. And of course, the obscurer, the better! Let's see what you're spinning this week

Okay, first this week is a classic and it's from an individual who I'm kind of sort of related to, so you know it had to be first. Mario, who is married to Ashan, who is my Wife's second cousin (I think that's how it works), chimes in with the legendary 'Cocody Rock' from the inimitable Alpha Blondy. I love this, so do you and I always will and so will you. Biggup Mario everytime.

Biggup Asher for this next one, an excellent choice, thinking somewhat 'out of the box', but not too far - 'Heaven' from Bim Sherman. Very very understated tune and one which just kind of fades into the background. Hadn't heard it in a minute to be honest (and if you want it, and you should, you can find it on the What Happened? album) and it really did a nice thing for the senses and I think that I've never reviewed a Bim Sherman album before. . . Excellent selection Asher.

Of course beautiful tune superstar Dutchie Michiel has to check in and he did so this week in enumeration (and he has for the last 3-4 weeks, so big him up), one of the strongest of his collection this week was this wonderful tune 'Boogie Yagga System' from Rohan Lee (who I knew of) & The Recipe (who I didn't). The tune is captivating, excellent musicianship and just anotehr nice choice yeah.

And lastly is Marlon from out of Brazil who gives us this EXCELLENT tune from Pablo Moses 'Spirit Of Jah' (from the We Refuse album). He actually asked me not to use it and instead use a next tune (which I will next week Marlon), but this tune just hit the spot when I went through definitely. HUGE tune.

ME??? Well since I went four long tonight, I think I'll have a double shot. The first is a tune I've been 'drinking' for about two weeks and I actually had forgot that it had an actual video as well. It's Kenyatta Hill's livication to his 'Daddy', Joseph Culture Hill, yes the tune will make you cry. Join the crowd.

And this one isn't too obscure, but it's probably one of the greatest songs I've ever heard altogether, so you won't mind. Biggup Peter Broggs ITERNALLY!

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