Sunday, April 25, 2010

What A Beautiful Tune 9!

Yep yep yep! Crazy response this week from all over, I'm thinking about going 6 deep this week from the people and I still might not get to everything so yeah, if you made a suggestion and I don't get to it this week, I'll try next week (I know I say that every week and never do it but uhmmm . . . yep). And speaking of next week and every week thereafter, should you have a tune in mind, something special, something nice, something everyone is playing to the grave, definitely link me at yeah. So lets see what's going on for this week yeah:

Okay, first this week is the greatest piece in the history of this series 'Wow'i Karino' from the divine and angelic Izaline Calister. Why is this the greatest tune? Because of the origin of the suggestion, my Wife! She pretty much hates everything and everyone, but apparently her ears function properly because when Angels sing, she notices. LOVE LOVE anything from Izaline (especially 'Awaseru') and definitely this is no exception and probably my second favourite Izaline tune ever (after 'Awaseru'). So biggup Izaline and biggup Mrs. Me even greater.

Next we have a tune which isn't very obscure (to me) (I used to love this song), but definitely qualifies, 'Pa Plere' by Sam X featuring Ocsen and Meithi'S. Reader Nathan from Paris by way of Guyana makes this suggestion and Nathan you have excellent taste my friend, because this thing is lovely and that's what we do here. Hopefully YOU like it as well and you can dig it out on Sam X' album Bondye Sel Sav.

Okay this someone I've never heard of and according to the person who sent it to me, he understands that they play in the subways of Paris, so if that isn't OBSCURE, I don't know what the hell is. This is Baco and Hiriz Band with 'Hadidja'. Biggup reader and oft-participant Michiel from The Netherlands for this one. This tune is pretty good, we listened it twice and it started to get better and it's still growing on me, so yeah. Very strong choice. It's so strong, in fact, and so obscure, that I'm going to grab another of Michiel's choices right here.

Deyansa is one of those artists who I definitely know about, but haven't actually taken the time out to review with any serious time and apparently I need to take care of that yeah, because this tune, 'Good People', also suggested by Michiel is fantastic. I mean this is acoustic brilliance. This is the tune stuck on at the end of an album and writing the review I'm not upset about hearing it, this is that time of song in my ears, so yet another fine choice from superstar selecter Michiel.

3R Productions sounds familiar for some reason, but I don't know who the hell they are. Whoever they are they nearly struck GOLD with this tune 'Ganjah Smokah', suggested by reader Ben from California (who may've had the very suggested tune posted in this series). I don't even mind the rap at the end too much (of course I don't like it either), the song is that nice (that chorus is ridiculous).

And Ben also suggests this tune from Hepcat, a band from out of Los Angeles, California, 'Riding The Region'. I'm not crazy about the kind of flimsy vocals on the tune, but the vibes are very nice (I could go for an instrumental, I really could). Definitely a head rocking type of song and TRAVELING MUSIC of the highest order. Biggup Ben, whenever you have a suggestion my friend, definitely feel free.

Not even remotely obscure is this tune and I'm only adding it because I REALLY wanted to hear it now. Biggup Attel from Miami, Florida who RIDICULOUSLY suggests 'Arrow' by Bounty Killer. The song is CRAZY. CRAZY! And definitely more Dancehall isn't bad.

And I'm well tired of writing so this'll be the last one. Asher suggests this week 'Cry Eye Water' by Blak Ryno. I'm not the biggest Ryno fan (the coolest thing about Blak Ryno is actually the way he says "Blak Ryno") at all, but this is probably one of his finest tunes, although if you find yourself particularly happy at any given time, I'd avoid it.

As for myself, I'm going to take two songs, the first is a no-brainer because hopefully we're going to see them in a minute, Mr. & Mrs. Fyah, Bunji & Fay-Ann with 'No Gangster'. Someone (I forgot who) has also just released this one as a digital single, so if you like it, definitely go and grab it up:

And lastly (AND FINALLY). If ever you tire of hearing me talk about wanting to hear 'the old Kartel' again and you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, listen 'Up 2 Di Sky':

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  1. Baco Meets Manjul is a GREAT album! Check it out!

    Baco is a veteran African singer from Mayotte [island near Madagascar].

    Manjul is a French producer located in Bamako, Mali.