Monday, May 24, 2010

Check Out My Friends

Yow! Don't really feel like writing today (even though I have three pieces to post, which you get pretty soon (like tomorrow, and like Wednesday, and like Friday), I just don't feel like posting TODAY!

So, I thought I'd direct yo to compelling stuff going on elsewhere to add to your daily (weekly with most of these people) (if you're lucky) internet destinations. Like these:

  • Jahsh Concurz - I don't read JC's stuff enough (and he doesn't post enough anyway), but I recently started following the man and he's an INCREDIBLE poet, writing poetry from just head top and just clearing things out. So definitely go and check him out, check out the archives, the man has been blogging since 1943 and yeah, tell him Achis sent you.
  • Nico Reggae - Nico is probably in his prime these days, he's getting on wicked a few times a week. Hopefully someday he finishes that Black Uhuru post, but in the meantime check him out, EXCELLENT writer and hear he's a genius at Math also.
  • Dale Cooper - I have no idea what Dale Cooper's up to these days, probably somewhere watching a Clint Eastwood movie, but go see his very colourful and random blog anyway.
  • United Reggae - I say I don't feel like writing today, but should you go over there today and see something that I wrote, know that I wrote it a couple of days ago (but check out the Jaguar Riddim still). Big things here, biggup Camille everytime and everybody else.
  • Flava McGregor - Slowly but surely the man is making his entire catalogue available on his site so go and sift through it and if you don't pick up SOMETHING, then SOMETHING is wrong with you (or you just have everything already).
  • Bass Culture - Shouldn't have to tell you about Zalemmmmmmm these days, but if you don't know then go and check Frenchie and mixes anyway.
  • Reggae Unite - And lastly is another Frenchie whose name I don't know, but we just found him, maybe last week and I think he's subscribed to me also. This guy talks a lot about new releases, has a lot of cool interviews as well (of course it's all in French, so if you can't read French or you just don't want to then . . . Yeah, shouldn't have to tell you about Google) and I think he might even write for United Reggae too.
So check out all of those wonderful people today and everyday thereafter. And then tomorrow come back around here where I'll tell you about the THIRD 5 star I'm giving out in 2010 (even though you should already know what it is because I literally just told you about it two days ago) . Oh and listen to this song! Whatever it is -

Yep, it's a song from NiyoRah. Yeah. No reason why I posted that one in particular . . . Yep.


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