Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Completely Random Thoughts 11: Stopping To Smell The Pretty Roses

Having already done the business end of Ginjah’s fantastic new album Never Lost My Way, this past weekend I took a second out to REALLY get into the album (I know what you’re thinking, ‘Achis, you just wrote that big ass review and now you’re talking about getting into the album???’). It’s something I usually do and actually after writing a review, when I do it, I usually change my opinion of a particular album (I usually like it more, as was the case here) a little. But while that was going on, it wasn’t the primary feeling that I was struck with - That feeling was fortune. Seriously, including Ginjah, should you just STOP and look at how many top notch artists have released albums, specifically in terms of modern Roots Reggae, in just the first four and half months, the list is getting more and more ridiculous.

Junior Kelly (first album in 400 years)
Midnite (now twice apparently)
Natty King
Ginjah (debut)
Gyptian (will be twice before the end of the year)
Gentleman (a double)
Ziggi (EP)
Teflon (I know)
Anthony John
Bescenta (debut)
Ras Iba

And of course there’s still the leader in the clubhouse

Just take a look at that list and you may not have LOVED every album on the list (and I didn’t) (biggup Teflon), but the very fact that it’s gone down like that is a BIG deal and that’s after a 2009 in which we dealt with the likes of Buju, Pressure, Tarrus Riley, Perfect, Anthony B, Sizzla, Chezidek and a whole heap of others (like Natty King) and it’s getting pretty comparable I think. Then, of course, you get into the Lion D’s and Nereus Josephs (mind you, I’m only talking about Roots, so I never even get into the likes of Mad Cobra and now Admiral T).

And STILL yet to come in 2010 basically for sure are releases from

Jr. Gong & Nas
Capleton (hasn't had one in so long, it's basically like his debut)
Etana (just heard a WICKED new tune, combination between Luciano & Etana) (produced by Flava)
Anthony B
Gyptian (again)
NiyoRah! (what!)
Toussaint The Liberator (really nice feeling about that one)
Smiley (EP)
Lloyd Brown

And maybe albums from Jah Cure and I-Octane as well and really who knows who in the hell else. And I’m almost certainly forgetting someone else in the process (wouldn’t it be so nice if we could get a Prestige album in 2010) (and NATURAL BLACK) (and JAH MASON) (and BATCH!) (WHAT!) (and SPRAGGA BENZ!) (and MALIKA MADREMANA!). The possibilities are wonderful and I’m well looking forward to the next seven and a half months. However, should you find yourself forgetting about what we’ve already seen, definitely go back and take a whiff.

So far at least, 2010 smells divine.

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