Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flava @ Ustream

Yow. You ever check UStream? I know from longtime Don Corleon is on the site (I think he still broadcasts), playing pieces from his studio and you never know who you'll see up there and now my own favourite producer and the best in the world, Kemar 'Flava' McGregor is on as well. My Wife's brother, Bredz, calls me up yesterday while I'm out stuffing faces with the Queen and the Princess and tells me he has a new song from Etana and Luciano and plays it in some strange hollow manner, but it turns out he's just playing it through UStream. Flava, OBVIOUSLY delighted with what the tune, which he produced, is broadcasting the tune and mixing it at the same time. Song sounds gorgeous and if you go through his archives, you can actually see it being recorded, as we've shown you here. So definitely check out Flava @ Ustream.

And speaking of Flava
Getting crazy response now from Ginjah's album Never Lost My Way and we just got like 6 emails this morning from people asking where they can get it yeah. You can, of course, get it at I don't know if it's going to work out into the more traditional digital sites (iTunes, Amazon, Emusic etc.), but for right now that's the only place I know of that it's available. And if you're kind of on the edge about it, check the review, it's well worth the pick up yeah. And, like I said in the review (I THINK), I was interested in seeing the response the album would get, so from just what I've seen from writing the review, the interest is VERY high, so biggup Flava again and thanks to everybody for reading yeah.

See you Friday from my In-Laws',


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  1. Greeting Idren for that big share here , Midnite is the Band of the Roots and conscious Reggae wish feed the soul and wake the mind , them words are so TRUE and powerfull , the word of the People , Music touch the soul of all sufferers in this Earth , and bring sunshine always , when time hard them vibes make me feel bless and Irie ..give thanks for that Blog where you mention many intresting Realities bless up