Sunday, May 2, 2010

What A Beautiful Tune 10!

Didn't think I was going to do this, this week did you??? Well I wasn't, but I decided what the hell. Not a really busy week this week, so I might even shrink it, but I'm doing it dammit! Of course, if you have any suggestions for next week, or any week thereafter, link me at and. . . yep!

Okay yeah. First this week we touch bases with Remmy (last seen doggy-paddling off the shores of Dominica) who offers one of my one favourite selections since I've started this thing, the WICKED 'Rasta Is Love' from former artist of the month on this blog, Jah Marnyah from out of Montserrat. Wicked wicked up and coming artist (and I actually spotted an interview with the artist on youtube) and a wicked wicked tune, so biggup Remmy and, as usual, wash your hands my friend. Wash your hands.

Next, we're going to the BVI, courtesy of the USVI and I & I. Biggup Jah Callax from out of St. Thomas (I think Callax is from St. Thomas) for this excellent selection from the seemingly VANISHED Sistah Joyce from Virgin Gorda (I THINK), 'Pot A Ital'. I haven't heard this record in a minute, but I absolutely used to love it from the HYPOCRISY album (she has two albums and it's a damn shame you can't get either digitally, because they're both really really good. So biggup Sistah Joyce, wherever you may be this morning (COME BACK! WE MISS YOU!).

And finally, for the very first time in history, I'm going to actually go back into the archives of recommendation (that's why I always say to suggest more than one, for slow weeks like this one) and get this EXCELLENT one from Kendread from out of Suriname (pretty sure he lives in The Netherlands now), 'Your Love'. The recommendation from superstar Michiel (also from The Netherlands) and is yet another outstanding contribution from him, biggup yourself Michiel. And I'll have to listen to a little bit more Kendread, he kind of has a little bit of Everton Blender in his voice yeah!

Me??? Well because it's that time of year (and because I just typed "BVI" on here not too long ago), I'm going to coolify the place and drop some nice thing from the BVI's finest Soca export in my opinion, the delightful Jalena who is taking her ass 'Down The Road'. And yes, you do feel like dancing and no, I will not dance with you. Maybe next week.

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