Sunday, May 30, 2010

What A Beautiful Tune 14!

14 weeks you say? That's . . . 98 days (if my math is correct, it is most surely isn't), that's a lot of beautiful tunes yeah. Why stop now? if you have a suggestion for next week, let's move:

Okay, because Remmy . . . is going to get something tomorrow, opening honours this week go to Asher, not a longtime reader (he might be), but a consistent one, who recommends EASILY his greatest choice to date, 'Forever' (should be called 'Jah Give Me') from up and coming CLASSY singer, Singer Jah from out of Jamaica. Has a nice old school vibes to it (Singer may never do a tune which doesn't, because of his voice), and definitely keep a look out for Singer Jah, big artist and big selection Asher and I might even give him opening honours next week as well, if he hurries up.

Next up is a suggestion from new reader Mario, who gave me his entire life story. Mario is German, but is currently going to University in Japan (at least I think that's what he meant) and apparently he's become quite fond of Japanese Reggae and he suggests H-Man's 'Dagan Talk' . . . Yep. Hope you like (because it's ass to me).

And lastly is my first couple's recommendation, Carl & Yalonda from Montreal are currently experiencing some very good TASTE because they're recommending WICKED Trini artist, Simba Amani's 'Let Jah Be Your Best Friend'. Song was grabbing some nice rotation earlier this year and deservedly so, it's gorgeous and you can go ahead and pile Simba's name in with the . . . Oh I don't 4 or 500 or so WICKED Trini artists to keep an ear on yeah. Love the couples recommendation and big respect goes to Carl & Yalonda yeah. Love this tune, big big message.

Me??? Ahhh, I don't know. I really don't . . . I was thinking maybe some Soca, there're a lot of nice Soca tunes coming out now from Vincy and Barbados . . . Hmmm, no I don't think so. Ooooooooh! Okay, because I got an email earlier this week from this individual, I'm going to Madinina and I'm pulling??? No, not Kalash it's Yeahman'C. And you think I'm think I'm going with 'Sans Cesse', don't you? Well I'm not, I'm going nice and simple with 'Mizik' and even though you won't find this tune on it, go and check out Yeahman's new album, Le Bon, in stores now yeah. Cya next week.

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