Sunday, June 6, 2010

Completely Random Thoughts: Post 500 - My Favourite Words

Just what it says. For various reasons I've grown quite fond of using several words in several situations and here they are. The tools of the trade.

#10. ‘Sagacious’
Call it nothing more than a reinforcement of a beauty by the legendary Vaughn Benjamin. Sagacious is one cool way of saying smart.

Sentence: “Lutan Fyah sagaciously treads his way through the lyrics of the song.”

#9. ‘No’

This is a word which I wished ranked much higher on this list because I wish I could use it more often instead of being the big nice guy that I am.

Sentence: “Achis can you write a review for my new album? No.”

#8. ‘Mwen’
This is lovely. In my linguistic pursuits to learn as much of French and Creole that I possibly could, this is the one word that has found its way into my daily lexicon. You’ll never see it used here (unless it’s in a song title), but catch me talking to someone I know REALLY well and it lightens up a conversation to the extreme.

Sentence: “I need to talk to you mwen love.”

#7. ‘Ridiculous’

I use ridiculous in writing (not so much in talking) as a qualifier of a situation where something is GOOD, but almost unnecessarily so. It’s best used when someone overdoes something, in comparison to either themselves or someone else.

Sentence: “Later, Aidonia jumps on the riddim with a stream of lyrics which is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!”

#6. ‘Majesty’

Besides the obvious, doesn’t ‘MAJESTY’ just seem like a big deal? Use it as a title and watch how it compares to others such as ‘PM’, ‘President’, ‘King’ and even ‘Emperor’. MAJESTY is clearly in a class of its own.

Sentence: “Behold! His Imperial Majesty.”

#5. ‘Tune’

This is probably the most used word on this entire blog and, of course, justly so. I actually try to use it less and less in favour of others such as ‘song’ or ‘piece’ (and the occasional ‘composition’, which is technically much better used in description of a riddim), but in the end, I’d say that every 2500+ word review which rolls off the assembly line has at least 8-10 dosages of TUNE.


#4. ‘Quish’
What the hell is Quish (pronounce 'ka-wish')? It’s what my wonderful Wife says when she wants someone to be quiet. She’ll be 30 in December (old ass) and it gets simply cuter and cuter each and every time I hear it. In fact, sometimes I trouble her just to get her to say it.

Sentence: “Quish _____” (whatever she calls me, none of your damn business)

#3. ‘Mad(ness)’

This word, I don’t use much in reviews, but it’s easily one of my most actually used when I speak. It is a very welcomed commentary of sorts which has such a powerful duality. For example, you go to a dance and it’s craziness, every body is having a good time, it’s “mad!” You go to a dance and no one is doing anything - What is that? MAD!

Sentence: “Come soon! Everything MAD!”

#2. ‘Definitely’
Emphatically! This is . . . Definitely my most used modifier when I write and I find that it works almost all of the time. Whenever you read a piece of mine and you see the words ‘certainly’ or ‘surely’, some other shit like such, rest assured that it was used only after I decided that I had definitely used ‘definitely’ a bit too much.

Sentence: “This tune is definitely wicked. . . Yeah.”

#1. ‘Yeah’

I don’t use the word in my reviews very much, but I’m sure if you’ve emailed me to any extent, you’ll get the more casual version and hear it day and night. ‘Yeah’ can be used in any situation. It can ask a question by itself. It can be used to give emphasis. It can even be used to voice DISAPPROVAL! And should you ever talk to me (and you won’t), you’ll see that I use it literally once every 3-5 words. YEAH! And apparently Sara Lugo agrees.

{Beautiful Tunes Coming Tomorrow, Special Edition}

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  1. its so entertaining to be "random"!
    definately, its pure maddness, your majesty! yeah... tbr