Sunday, June 20, 2010

What A Beautiful Tune 17: The Breakaway!

Yow! Going out now yeah! Big tunes for the final time until we get back and we have EXCELLENT choices this week if I do say so myself (and I just did). So definitely link me at to participate in a few weeks, matter of fact just LINE THEM UP and I'll come back and drop a next one with like ten different tunes on it making up for however many weeks yeah. Let's move:

Okay, first this week is a suggestion from my Wife, Simba Amani's big love tune, 'All I Need'. Between You and I, I think she fancies him a bit yeah, so there you go (of course she'll never admit to it). But like most of Simba's output, this is a big ass song and definitely looking forward to a big second half of 2010 from the Trini and maybe, just maybe we can get an album (I doubt it, but I can hope, can't I???).

Ladies going first and second this week as now we have Anthony B's 'Watch Over My Soul' from the "Black Star" album a few years ago. Of course it comes recommended by Susan from Zojak and Anthony B's publishing manager like person. This one is another excellent choice because it was kind of buried on that album and I don't think it got the attention it deserved in retrospect. So by all means draw on the album again and spin it, it's a very lovely praising tune yeah.

And lastly we have a contribution from an all star of sorts in this feature, Gustaf the Onederboy from out of Sweden, who I THINK originally recommended what has been BY FAR one of the strongest tunes we've posted here, 'Maasta Maahan' from Raappana and he's found another piece of lightening here with Robert Athill on 'We're Going To Get There'. Of course, I don't know a damn thing about either artist or song, but this is very good stuff and apparently Athill has a new album by the name of "Biding My Time", which Gustaf also calls "maybe the best Reggae record ever produced in Sweden. So definitely find that if you can (I'm going to try before we leave) because apparently he sings in English and definitely look around on YouTube because there's a lot of his stuff there apparently (another big tune I just listened by the name of 'How Many Figured Out'), if you're interested. So biggup Gustaf again with a strong rec.

Okay, that's some big material there and I don't want to embarrass myself so after I stop listening 'Maasta Maahan I'm going to have to come up with something big - Okay, I got it out of my system and I think I have something, but I can't get it as HARD as I want it, but I'm doing it anyway. Since it's all about St. Vincy right now, I'm going with their biggest Reggae export (unless I'm REALLY forgetting about someone), the WICKED Ossie Dellimore with 'Time Has Come' (this is the second recording that I know of with this tune, the first is a little more 'rigid' and better in my opinion, but I'm doing it anyway, biggup Mr. Dellimore) and I will be writing tomorrow so I'll see you beautiful people then yeah. BALANCE!

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