Sunday, July 18, 2010

What A Beautiful Tune 19!

"If ah dem alone nobody no dead. If ah wi alone, everyday another marrow spread. Missa Laing and Bigga Ford caan save yuh big head and if Adams inna yuh bed, yow a gwan him ah dead"

Biggup Kartel. Working on a Gyptian review and the tune jump back in my head and if you're not too familiar, I'll remind you here when it's my turn yeah. Alright! Really nice week around here, hopefully next week is just as nice, got reviews on Tuesday and THURSDAY for Gyptian (almost done) and Gentleman (HUGE and done), but it's Sunday and you know what that is. We've got FOUR new people this week, four pretty big tunes and then whatever I come up with in my double dosage (if I can think of one more). You know what it is, you choose them,, bright and early every Sunday yeah. Balance!

Okay, taking opening honours (just because I think it's cool with the same artist twice) this week is new reader Dario from out of Trinidad (is what he said, knowing he needs to tell me which part so I can run it). Apparently as a response to Bredz who did the same thing last week, Dario is drawing another fresh tune from MR. Marlon Asher, 'I'm Gone' from the Divinity Riddim (which sounds so familiar). Nice piece of love song and a sweet vibes. So nice nice pick from Dario and biggup whichever part of Trini you call home my new friend.

And I know, technically, I called her "new", but biggup Ms. Linya from over Cole Bay, who is definitely not new to we, but new to my blog (and she'll kick me later for not giving her the top spot, unless she REALLY likes that Marlon Asher tune) and she say, "Achis gi dem Connis!". So here's bad bad man on the saxophone, Connis Vanterpool's 'Perception'. Been lifting the spirits from forever. Mr. Vanterpool - Professional Provider of Vibes.

The next tune, 'Visionary Tools' from Ankh Watep, is probably the single best tune we have this week altogether and it comes on the suggestion of our new friend, Allan from out of New York City. See, I do have a selfish reason for doing this feature each and every week (and it's not just to avoid having to write on Sunday) and this tune is a PRIME example of it. I haven't heard this from how long? I can't even tell you, but I see it up and I go down and dig up the album ("Bambu Station Presents Talkin' Roots Vol. 2" ) and just go back through it ("MY POWAZ MAKE THE WICKED DISAPPEAR!"). This one was one of the lesser spun on the album, but as anyone with even remotely functioning ears can tell, it is DIVINE. Biggup yourself Allan and do stick around.

I would've actually gotten to this one myself if Denis from Miami, Florida in the States hadn't beat me to it, because it is an absolutely RIDICULOUS combination. 'Gal You Bad' actually features Achis Reggae favourite, Mr. Killa, from out of Grenada, alongside THE Achis Reggae favourite, Sizzla Kalonji on the same damn song. I honestly don't think I would've cared how this thing sounded, I was going to like it anyway. It turned out pretty nice anyway . . . But not that it mattered (now if I could just get Aidonia and Skinny Fabulous to link somehow, hmm).

Okay, I was just going to go with the one tune in the end, but that last one just kind of/sort of jogged my memory, so I'm going there first.

IF I READ CORRECTLY, the aforementioned Hollice Mapp [bka Mr. Killa] is not only playing Caribbean Soca Monarch Sunday night (might've been last night though), but is doing so with one of my favourites of his from last year, the BRUTAL 'D Fence' (Skinny will be there too). He has absolutely no chance of taking the crown in my opinion, but who cares? LOOOOOOOOVE this song!

And lastly, credit goes to Gyptian for putting the vibes for this one in my head (tell you more about that on Tuesday) - I had to draw the "Timeless" album to recall it, and when I did I got a whiff of some VINTAGE hardcore Vybz Kartel with 'A Dem Alone'. Won't say too much (because I'm getting sleepy), but THIS is A+ material from the original Kartel . . . Who wasn't boring as hell.

Link me, tell me what you're listening to. See you next Sunday.

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