Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Tunes #43

Yes Yesssssss! (biggup Munga) Back again, another Sunday morning, another round of big tunes from my beautiful readers. To no surprise whatsoever we have a trio of regulars this week who linked me fairly early to let me know what was going on and just to say hello! One of whom even stopped by (guess who that is). We got the second couple of Big Tunes to chrissen it (biggup Edwin Yearwood) and everyone's blah blah blah - Let's go!

First up we have the big big man from out the USVI, Jah Callax (whose name I apparently mistype every other time) who is linking us with tunes from the BVI as Imo brings forth 'Everyday Struggle'. Okay, this tune is from an album, "It's Our Time", which released about a year ago, but it's gotten a bit of a second life now, so you may be able to find it in more places internationally (pretty sure that's what caught Callax' attention). This tune here is pretty nice and biggup Callax and definitely biggup Imo from out of Tortola (Hey Jalena!).

Of course, as I said, we have a couple - So in next in Jah Mrs. Callax - Deborah, who went MINING for this tune from the pretty unquestionable "Living In The Positive" album. It's Nasio absolutely DEVASTATING the people with 'Ithiopia'. I keep meaning to go back and have a listen to some of Nasio's stuff because I just don't think I was able to appreciate it when I was younger. Don't think I'd have that problem now, however. MASSIVE tune Deborah.

Okay so, Remmy (biggup Remmy) has a tune this week and it's Wayne Marshall's 'new' tune, 'Captain', over Yard Vybz' riddim of the same name which is doing a pretty big damage these days. The tune is actually a remake of his old song of the same name which was on his album a long time ago. I'm not the biggest Wayne Marshall fan in the world (don't need to tell you that) so me saying I don't like the tune is not a surprise. HOWEVER, I do think that the first version (which I think was produced by Don Corleon) is MUCH MUCH better, so we post both of them.

I'm easy EASY this week. I'll go on this more on . . . Wednesday I think, but BOTH the divine Destra Garcia AND Machel Montano are going this year for Soca Monarch and it is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS IN EVERY FUCKING WAY! I can play all I like in November, but the truth is that I would literally CRY if I missed this so we'll definitely be there (but, I digress, like I said, more on Wednesday). Anyone, Machel just collapsed and murdered everything this week by dropping what is apparently his tune for Monarch and the Road (where he's probably the current favourite in my opinion), 'Advantage' - MADNESS!

  • Artist of The Month tomorrow (hopefully)
  • Review of Blaak Lung's new album "Be Ever" on Tuesday
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