Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sara Lugo Debut Album May 6!

Okay so, I wasn’t going to write today, but thankfully my most wonderful ‘assistant’ (it’s actually more like I’m his assistant), Bredz, has been scouring the internet and he’s run into something very interesting that I’m pretty embarrassed that I didn’t first (although I seriously considered taking credit for it in this post anyway).

Achis Reggae favourite Sara Lugo, has an album which is apparently signed, sealed and on its way!

Late last year I did a list called ‘Most Wanted 2011’ which featured fifteen artists who I hoped would bless the world with album releases in the new year and of the fifteen thus far, Sara Lugo has most prominently assured that I can go ahead and cross her name off the list (and she was ranked at #3, just behind Agent Sasco and I-Octane).

The album has been mastered! It has been given a release date - May 6 (which is a Friday and apparently on that same date she‘s having a release party for the album and I would LOVE to go to said party and mash up Germany with the funny talkers - I could probably stay at Julian‘s house)! And it’s been given a name! No it isn’t called "Part of My Life" or "Funky Comfort", which would have been my top two choices, but it’s nice - ”What About Love”!

We don’t have a tracklist as of yet, but I would definitely expect a whole heap of her previous singles to be on board such as.

'Part of My Life' [Which I think might be my favourite]

'Familiar Stranger'

{Can someone figure out what she says when she goes into the stretch of "Like Cinderella's ___ _________, tell me stranger where are you"}

'Wine Now' w/Cali P

'Bombs of Love'

'Old Roots Rastaman'

'And They Cry' w/Naptali

And there were also tunes like ‘Rock Steady’ (which I LOVE), ‘Mother & Child’, combinations with Ephraim Juda and Jamaram (anyone else always type ‘Jamaram’ and ALWAYS get it mixed up with ‘Jamadom’???) (Biggup Jamadom, wicked artist from out of Gwada) and I’m sure we’ll see some new stuff as well and I cannot fucking wait!

And I know what you’re thinking - Achis! May 6 is three and a half months away, what the hell am I supposed to do until then??? Sit down for a little while. Realize that the first quarter of 2011 is absolutely PACKED full of big releases from the likes of Etana, Protoje, Richie Spice, Bushman, Ele, Ambush is up there! Hi Kee! Blaak Lung! And who knows who else. But definitely circle May 6 on the calendar, just like I told you on March 12 last year and I didn’t let you down then when Naptali dropped the biggest album of 2010, ”Long Journey”, who knows - Maybe Sara Lugo is brewing on the same type of vibes. Time to get excited.

"What About Love" by Sara Lugo - In stores May 6

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