Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big Tunes!: The Return

Yeah! Yeah. I told you to give me a few weeks, I had some stuff to do and I'd bring back the most interactive portion of this Reggae writing thing. As you can see, I've changed the title, but it's the same feature yeah. So I didn't announce it, because I thought I was going to brig it back next week, but here it is so I've taken tunes from my two favourite regular (or semi-regular) (and easily accessible) participants and I've got a very necessary doubleshot myself this week. After this week, however, if you want to participate, send your BIG BIG (and hopefully at least a little obscure tunes to and we'll get it up on a Sunday yeah.

{Biggup Bredz for doing the video work this week because Youtube did not want to play nice with me today (thus the sizes)}

Okay so, I partially had something to do with this tune, because I've gotten sidetracked doing what I've been doing today and my beautiful Wife has apparently become a most intoxicated 'casualty' of it because she's currently LOVING 'Distance' from Aruba ace and Achis Reggae favourite, Smiley. Big tune which we've certainly talked about quite a bit around here so I won't spend too much time on it, only to say that I love that riddim (the Tek A Train) and apparently Hi Kee loves it too (more on that Tuesday).

The aforementioned Bredz, who apparently met a nice girl recently, is of course always around and this week he's going with a tune which is another which isn't very obscure around these parts, but it's definitely BIG, it's Ginjah's cut of the recent Everlasting Riddim from Pow Pow, 'Serpent'. And biggup Bredz HARD everytime.

Okay as for me, like I said, I had two things I wanted to do, very timely. First of all, we say THANK YOU and give big big respect and love to Copper Cat [22!] who everybody pretty much watched grow up as a musician under the mentorship of Richie Stephens. A couple of days ago he was killed, reportedly over a Blackberry which is damn disgusting! Here's an older tune from him, but a very fitting one, 'Things Tough'.

And now, I'm trusting that you're well well depressed at this point. So I timed something to cheer you up, because the Queen is back and she's announcing it so. It's Destra's big tune for 2011, the MASSIVE 'Welcome Back'.

{Reviews this week for Hi Kee's new album as well as Protege or Blaak Lung}

ALSO! Consistent reader, Asher from out of the UK is supporting a contest of sorts and I thought I'd let you wonderful people know about it - It's for up and coming artists and if you are such a person, check the video - Everything you need to know.

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