Sunday, January 2, 2011

Six Degrees of: Sizzla Kalonji

New feature here focuses on the ridiculous. Consider this a trial run, hopefully new editions will make just a bit more sense (but probably not). And feel free to make suggestions (and even completions) at

Sizzla Kalonji

A really long time ago legendary Rock & Roll singer Elvis Presley walked the earth and when he did he-

Worked with musician/arranger Larry Knechtel-

Who in turn worked with infamous producer Rick Rubin-

Who produced for one of the greatest Hip-Hop groups ever, Run DMC-

Which once did a song by the name of 'Roots, Rap, Reggae' alongside the incomparable King Yellowman and-

{Which is the type of tune people like me refer to as "classic" despite the fact that it is clearly AWFUL}

Yellowman worked extensively with my favourite label of all time and yours too, Philip 'Fatis' Burrell & Xterminator-

And of course, a very large part why that label is my favourite is because it guided the early (and dominant) portion of the career of the greatest to ever do it, Sizzla Kalonji.


  1. That is the scariest non-fiction I have ever read! The King of the Hillbillies is only 6 away from the Bobo Dread Mr. Kalonji! I am concerned...
    ...did one of those sci-fi wormhole anomalies open up?

  2. Actually...if ya told me that Grammy winner Sean Paul and Grammy winner Justin Bieber were seperated at birth-that I could believe.

    Now that your blog is illuminated by a row of spotlights...mind if I steal your Blog on fyah look?

  3. Steal away old friend. However, you must also live up to the fire. Or it will consume you . . .