Monday, January 3, 2011

Completely Random Thoughts 24: Completely Random on 2010

Although I would LOVE to, even I can't make a list for absolutely EVERYTHING, so for where my attentions and my resources fail, there's this fun post. The Bests of . . . Stuff in 2010

The Artists
Ikaya - Yep

Reggae/Dancehall Artist of The Year:

Female Reggae/Dancehall Artist of The Year:

Comeback Artist of The Year:
Lady Saw

Surprise Artist of The Year:

Disappointing Artist of The Year:

Singer of The Year:
Romain Virgo

New Artist of The Year:
The Great Naptali

New Female Artist of The Year:

Underrated Artist of The Year:

Underrated Male Artist of The Year:
Pressure Busspipe

Male Underrated Artist of The Year:
Mr. Vegas

European Artist of The Year:

VI Reggae Artist of The Year:

Afrikan Reggae Artist of The Year:
Tiken Jah Fakoly

US Reggae Artist of The Year:

French/French Caribbean Artist of The Year:
Admiral T

Lyricist of The Year:
Agent Sasco

Talking Loud, Saying Nothing:

Artist I Didn’t Like But Everyone Else Did of The Year:
Vybz Kartel

‘Coolest’ Artist of The Year:
Mikey General

Soca Artist of The Year:
Skinny Fabulous

Female Soca Artist of The Year:
Fay-Ann Lyons

New Soca Artist of The Year:

Zouk Artist of The Year:
Fanny J

‘Other’ Artist of The Year:
Stevy Mahy

Commercial Artist of The Year:

Most Controversial Artist of The Year:
Buju Banton

Poised For A Big 2011 Male:
Sizzla Kalonji

Poised For A Big 2011 Female:

The Producers & Labels
Necessary Mayhem

Producer of The Year:

Riddim of The Year:
The Cosa Nostra by Ward 21

'Cool' Riddim of The Year:
The Major by Don Corleon

Label of The Year:

European Label of The Year:
Necessary Mayhem

US Label of The Year:
Itation Records

Surprise Label of The Year:
Don’s Music

Active Label of The Year:
Irie Ites

New Label of The Year:
Oneness Records

Promotional Job of The Year:

The Albums
"Secrets De Femme" by Fanny J

Reggae/Dancehall Album of The Year:
“____ _______” by ______

Reggae/Dancehall Compilation Album of The Year:
Vitamin & Highlight Riddims

Worst Album of The Year:
“Revelation” by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

Soca Album of The Year:
“Caribbean Queen” by Alison Hinds

Zouk Album of The Year:
“Secrets De Femme” by Fanny J

‘Other’ Album of The Year:
“The Beautiful Side of A Kreyol Folk Trip” by Stevy Mahy

Album I Didn’t Like But Everyone Else Did of The Year:
“The Fourth Book” by Dezarie

Album I Liked But No One Else Did of the Year:
"Matsahyel" by Ras Iba

Album Title of The Year:
“Black Gold” by Toussaint & Duane Stephenson [So nice, they did it twice]

Delayed Album of The Year:
“Free Expression” by Etana

Surprising Album of The Year:
“Teach Them Right” by Apple Gabriel & “The Jam Sessions” by Jalena

Disappointing Album of The Year:
“Infallible” by Tanya Stephens

Best Album From 2009 That Energized in 2010:
“Contagious” by Tarrus Riley

Best Album From 2009 That I Didn’t Spin Until 2010:
“Jah Bless Us” by Ras Indio

The Random & Ridiculous
World Cup 2010

Cutie of The Year:

New Cutie of The Year:

Deceased Artist of The Year [Who was dead at the beginning of the year]:
Peter Tosh

Site of The Year:
United Reggae (WHAT!)

Coolest Industry Person [to us] of The Year:
Zoe Zojak (Hey Zoe!)

Coolest Artist [to us] of The Year:
Shelly G & Sahra Indio & Jalena

Verse of The Year:
Verse 2 from 'Dancehall Again' by Agent Sasco

“Well dem fi know ah Reggae music put Jamaican pon di map
And Dancehall music deh pon di same track
Sean Paul drop di dutty rock
#1 pon di Billboard, di whole world shock
Unuh memba when Diwali have di whole world ah clap?
And Chaka Demus & Pliers ah #1 act
Mi nah have nuttin against R&B, Jazz and Pop
But wi represent di Gold and di Green and di Black

So mi seh Dancehall again
Dancehall again
Nuff ah, rap and ah Hip-Hop
But wi nah follow dem
Wi deh yah Dancehall again
Dancehall again
Whole heap ah people love di music
Biggup alla dem”

Artist I Spun CONSTANTLY in 2010:
Sara Lugo

Artist I’m Most Likely to Spin CONSTANTLY In 2011:
J Boog

The Vaughn Benjamin Award of Multiple Releases in 2010:
Vaughn Benjamin

Hip-Hop Artist of The Year:
Nikki Minaj

Ridiculousness of 2010:

Goal of 2011:
To mash up France

Happy to See You In 2010:

Reggae Journalist of 2010:
. . . I mean . . . Yeah, I’ll be humble - Angus Taylor

Best Review I Wrote In 2010:
”Black Gold” by Toussaint

Worst Review I Wrote In 2010:
”Before The Dawn” by Buju Banton

Blog Comment of 2010:
An anonymous user SPEWED forth brain liquids about half as long as my review on ”Caribbean Queen” by Alison Hinds

Last Song I Listened To:
‘Trouble’ by Blaxx

Last Album I Listened To:
“20ten” by Bryan Art

Meet Turbulous - Yes, Turbulous

Sporting Event of The Year:
World Cup 2010

Athlete of The Year:
Teddy Riner

Pint Sized Half-Puerto Rican & Half-German Artist of The Year:
Sara Lugo [She also won the same award last year and will win it for the next 35 years] [At the very least]

Coolest Person of 2010 Altogether:
My Father!

Sugar Minott, Gregory Isaacs, Yabby You, Sonia Pottinger, Barry Chevannes, The Mighty Arrow, Glen Adams, David Isaacs, the Victims of and any and everyone else we lost this year.

Happy New Year


  1. Brotha Achis. You are so kind and I am grateful to have multiple mentions in your summary of 2010. It was your review that opened the floodgates for many to just bite a few of the many flowering words you had to say about Tippy and I's effort. I am forever grateful for your vision and look forward to meeting the I in person. Give thanks and praise for due diligence, wherever it lives these days. It seems like its hard to find. Blessed love and respect.

  2. Give thanks Toussaint. You'll be mentioned tomorrow as well. Stay tuned my friend.

    Nobody knows what I did today.

  3. Big up Achis and Toussant from Nickel B/Itation ... Gotta share a great experience when I was DJing tunes a few months ago here in Vermont and the man Toussaint hops through the big window by my DJ booth and drops a few big tunes on the mic to surprise both me and the audience.....mad things...respect to you both.

  4. Sounds like a great time Nickel B. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year my friend.