Monday, January 17, 2011

Video Drop #16

‘Sweet Jamaica’ by Shaggy, Mr. Vegas & Josey Wales [Directed by Jay Will]

First up this week is definitely the biggest grouping of names we have and, looking at the rest of my potential list, the three biggest names altogether. ‘Sweet Jamaica’ is a tune riding the Lecturer Riddim which teams up superstar Shaggy with the increasingly welcomed Mr. Vegas and the incomparable Josey Wales. This one is pretty simple, just showing off the wonderful nature and beauty of the most wonderful place on earth (biggup Ochi) and making a statement of the many virtues of the island as well. Besides that, the chocolate is well WELL present (more than making up for Josey Wales’ rather odd wardrobe choice) (the man can wear whatever he wants ), thankfully, and the tune itself is quite nice, albeit pretty damn short. Enjoy.

Video Rated: 4.75/5
Video - Song Link: 5/5

‘Thanks & Praise’ by Gappy Ranks [Directed by Spliffberg]

Next we have the title track for the quickly forthcoming sophomore release from UK Reggae/Dancehall sensation, Gappy Ranks, ”Thanks & Praise”. Of course it was only just last year when Gappy delivered his very strong debut album, ”Put The Stereo On” for Greensleeves, but this coming March he’ll do it again, apparently seeking to hurry up and capitalize on his big name now by pushing a more modern set than the Peckings vibes first piece. This is (apparently) the first single from the project and while I’m not in love with the video, the Jazwad produced tune is pretty good actually. As usual, Gappy hugs up to the auto-tune to do his thing, but I’m really liking the pacing of this tune and lyrically it’s more than decent as well.

Video Rated: 3/5
Video - Song Link: 2.5/5

‘Criminal of Love’ featuring Leba Hibbert by Turbulence [Directed by Beckmann/Richard Lim]

At least the man has good taste. On the latest video from the once mighty Turbulence, for the tune 'Criminal of Love', we find him having recently gone to jail and left his woman, the most wonderful daughter of Toots, Leba Hibbert, alone at home for quite some time. Yeah - You probably know how I feel about Turbulence these days and this tune, minus Hibbert’s presence, isn’t going to do anything to change things on that front, but the video is pretty good actually I think. I kind of laughed when Turbulence (in prison mind you), whips out the cellphone to call Hibbert and when she answers, he immediately begins to SHOUT the lyrics of the tune into her ear (the man takes a deep breath and everything). She looks amazing through (she always does) and the video is just well carried out . . . Of course we wish Turbulence would get back to blazing, but hey - that’s just our opinion.

Video Rated: 4.25/5
Video - Song Link: 4.5/5

‘Way Back’ by Bobby Tenna [Directed by Wayne Benjamin]

Wonderfully, next we have a video from a personal favourite of mine as the BIG singer, Bobby Tenna, offers a video for a tune from his latest album release, ”Words & Melody”, ‘Way Back’. In my opinion this song was the best on the whole of that very solid album and the video, now that it materializes, is very impressive actually. The tune speaks of a kind of un-glamourized version of ‘the good old days’, talking the bad and the good, and the video shows that as well with the kids clearly suffering and going through bad times, but having fun at certain times still. The scenery is also pretty nice but, again, it’s not the type of presentation that you’ll find present in the first video on this post, this one goes after showing things in a more ‘dual’ type of setting which is definitely powerful in its case.

Video Rated: 4.5/5
Video - Song Link: 5/5

‘Flirt’ by Farmer Nappy [Directed by Katrina Chandler]

I thought that I’d go back and throw this one in because I always like to see Farmer Nappy breaking out and doing well (and he generally does). This season, so far the veteran of the HD Camp has been doing very well (and in terms of consistency, he’s probably been one of the most impressive in that category) and here he drops his very first video of 2011 (I THINK), for ‘Flirt’. This is just high quality material in every aspect. The tune is EXCELLENT and in the video, as expected, hilarity ensues in so many ways (including a funny cameo by Biggie Irie). The chorus on this thing is crazy (the little one loves it) and I don’t have a damn thing bad to say about it anyway. Biggup Farmer Nappy every time.

Video Rated: 4.5/5
Video - Song Link: 4.5/

‘Iron’ featuring D'Hitman by Shelly G [Directed by Spotlight Productions]

And lastly (like I think she was the last time I did one of these), Achis Reggae favourite, former (and still undefeated) Guyana Soca Monarch, Shelly G, teams up with Trini Chutney star, D’Hitman, on a remix of her previous tune, ‘Iron’ [aka ‘Iyah’]. Let me say that this song, in its original form REALLY started to grow on me quite a bit before I heard the remix and definitely the video (for either version) comes along at pretty much the right time. There is a problem with the remix - the listening quality of D’Hitman’s vocals aren’t the greatest (and the thought would have been to re-record them), but that notwithstanding, the remix is another big tune and . . . I just don’t care, as long as mine eyes are functioning I’ll probably never grow tired of seeing Shelly G move about, as I told her myself, she is one nice looking human being and she’s never been too shy about showing it off, most thankfully. Here, we have just a very nice and fun tune backing up a very nice and fun video alike and its very colourful and very ‘coy’ and innuendo-laced in typical and unmistakable Shelly G fashion. Well done.

Video Rated: 4.25/5
Video - Song Link: 4.25/5

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