Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Tunes #46

"Nobody knows what I did today. Only me. Me and The Most High." LOVE that song! Anyway, biggup Toussaint, we're going to talk about him in just a second. It's another Sunday, another stretch of big tunes from You, my wonderful readers. Nice and easy week this week, with just a little craziness going on behind the scenes and surely we have a nice one to look forward to next week as well. Let's do it.

First up this week is the aforementioned Toussaint, with the title selection from his outstanding debut record for I Grade Records, "Black Gold". The tune actually comes on a semi-recommendation from none other than Tippy from I Grade who sent us a message last week about a friend of his making a slideshow and linking it to the tune with powerful imagery and I knew just what to do with it. The song itself is a very 'visual' one anyway and if you listen to music like I listen to music, you probably had something like this going on in your head when you heard and it's so nice to see that I wasn't the only one (you could also probably take this track and DIRECTLY link it to the video for Tarrus Riley's MASSIVE 'Shaka Zulu Pickney' also). And what really stood out for me was how you take in all of the historical pictures and lastly we see Toussaint's album cover and it doesn't stick out really. You know what it is, but it rather easily falls in line with the rest of the pictures. So biggup Toussaint and Tippy as well as Tippy's friend.

Thankfully, longtime reader Marlon from out of Brazil (who I hadn't heard from since the end of 2010 before last week actually) (biggup Marlon - Man with a ton of random Reggae knowledge) gives us something at least remotely fitting this week to back up the opener and he does so with an artist who I don't believe I've EVER mentioned on my blog before. It's looooooooooooongtime veteran, Fidel Nadal from out of Argentina with 'Haile Selassie'. Fidel has one of the biggest followings from out of South America that I know of and he's definitely big artist so well biggup Marlon for the add and hopefully he won't wait until 2012 to come back again (because we won't be here!).

And lastly we're checking in on our good good friend Youstice from out of Cayman who I've known most of my damn life. This time back, Youstice is LOVING a semi-obscure, but well WICKED tune from Determine (who could probably also be described as "semi-obscure but well wicked, himself), 'Science'. Such a tune, like many from Determine, is just damn frustrating because you can see ALLLLLLLL of that talent and it's crystal clear, but he just doesn't dip into enough these days and looking back, he's one of the main people who I really wish had become more of a star. Nevertheless, big tune Youstice.

Thankfully, we've had three very nice and upful tunes this week, because I forgot my tune and am going with a brilliantly frivolous tune in its place. It's Achis Reggae favourite, Patrice Roberts, with a a Groovy favourite for 2011, 'Mas & Wining'.

  • I think I'm going big this week, so MAYBE look forward to reviews for new albums from both Richie Spice & Anthony B.
  • Maybe Soca Monarch predictions this week also

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