Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Tunes: Lover's Edition

Okay so, I'm very quick to take ideas and try to develop ideas . . . Except when it's an idea from my Wife - Then I just do what she says. And earlier this week, she had a pretty good idea and she got it on the basis of a tune which was recommended by a reader. So! Because I'm only taking one tune from a 'reader' (in the usual sense), that means that JC and Johnathan and everybody else (I think it was two or three more) who sent in tunes this week - Do it again (except maybe JC because that was a big tune, I should remember it). Here we have the (truly ridiculous) Lover's Rock edition of Big Tunes!

Okay so, obviously my aforementioned wonderful Wife is opening things up this week. Her first tune was far too simple (although a big tune) ('She's Royal') and while I'm not going to hold her to the same standards as I hold you wonderful people - That's just too damn easy! So, after searching her brain (whatever is going on in there), she came up with another pretty obvious one, but one FAR less traveled (at least for the rest of the year), of course it's J-Boog with 'Let's Do It Again'.

Okay and next in is the person who got the proverbial ball (indirectly) rolling on this post, our new best friend, Nat, buzzing around Toronto these days (did you catch that???), who comes in with a PERFECT tune for this post. It's Canada's own underrated songstress Tanya Mullings with 'A Love Thang'. I don't know too much about Mullings, but I always think of trying to involve her in some kind of way, so hopefully she'll give us a big opportunity sometime in the next ten and half months or so, by dropping a new album and biggup yourself Nat and welcome my friend!

Next we have Bredz coming through being all nice and predictable and such with Achis Reggae favourite, Bad Gyal Ce'Cile, with 'Anything'. I thought that this was too easy too, especially for him . . . Until I watched the video again and thought, really who cares. It's a big big tune and Ce'Cile you are SO SEXY and you know it. Don't you.

And lastly - It might be nice if we had some Lover's Rock on board and that's exactly what Ms. Linya is clearly thinking by getting in just in time with . . . Well, some 'Lover's Rock'. It's the incomparable and legendary Sugar Minott who provides just that. LOVE this pick from Linya (even thought it RIDICULOUSLY took her a loooooooooong time to come up with it) - You know we love you Linya.

Okay! Obviously I'm not going to the Semis which are later today, so I thought that in honour of them (you probably have no idea what I'm talking about), I thought that I'd attempt to mix in a bit of Soca and I didn't want to go in a 'usual' direction with something from Fay-Ann, Patrice or Destra or someone like such. SO! Going off radar just a slight bit, I'm going with what was one of the final cuts of my favourite Soca tunes of 2010, it's 'Rub Up' from former TnT Groovy Monarch, Biggie Irie.

  • Tomorrow, I'm going to tell you what I love
  • Reviews this week for Ele and blah blah blah (maybe the Backstabber Riddim, maybe something else)
  • Quite possibly the most ridiculous post in Achis Reggae history coming on Wednesday or Thursday
  • Grammys??? I think I might be leaning towards Gregory Isaacs

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