Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Tunes #49

Yep! It's Sunday (or by the time you read this it will be) and that means more big tunes. I hate to be brief (you know I HATE to be brief), but currently I'm kicking ass on this Junior X review which you'll be treated to on Tuesday. So, this week we have a two week superstar, an old friend returning and more madness from Nat.

First up this week is Steven with a VERY interesting piece. It's a taste of what is apparently a new mixtape from 2009's big breakout star, Lion D, "Reap What You Sow" coming from the boys at Bizzarri, of course, on April 10 (the day before Tiwony returns, 8 days before Ziggi) (big big month yeah?). Here we have three tracks, 'Smoke The Best' (which I think is the best), 'Nah Fraid a Police' and 'Neva Smoke Enough'. It's typical 'free' sounding Roots music from . . . Yeah - Lion D. Can't wait for that! And biggup Steven, who's definitely one of my most consistently intelligent readers and who you'll also hear from next week (unless I forget) (and I might).

I never actually solved the question of what the hell was going on with Nat last week, but I told you she'd be back and here she is, with a very interesting tune. The Skalibans are a Ska group from out of Portugal and here they are with 'Mary Marry Me' which is a decent tune (I'm no Ska head) (at all), but a nearly GREAT video, so biggup Nat everytime, as usual.

And lastly it's Allen from Hawaii returning for the first time since . . . the last time he was here (#34 actually). This time he introduces us to a group in The Lambsbread, also from out of Hawaii, who I don't think I've EVER mentioned before. This tune is of particular interest because it features the single name who I've probably mentioned more than anyone, Messenjah Selah. It's 'Can't Stop The Youths' and biggup Allen who, if all goes according to schedule - We'll be hearing from him again on Big Tunes #64.

I had a doubleshot last week so here's the end of it. It's Agent Sasco with the SCATHING 'Run Di Place'.

"But certain things mi nah go do fi market mehself
Mi nah put out no freaky photograph wid mehself"

  • Reviews next week for Junior X and . . . something else

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