Monday, March 21, 2011

Completely Random Thoughts 28.5: New Jalena . . . And Stuff

Okay so, I wasn't going to post today, but Achis Reggae favourite, Jalena, has released a couple of new tunes (which don't require very much writing by yours truly AND I have something else to tell you about, but I didn't feel like putting together a 'Check It'), the Reggae-fied and very familiar 'Don't You Forget Me' and the delightful 'Come Baby' for St. Thomas Carnival.

'Don't You Forget Me'

'Come Baby'

Of course it's Jalena - And I love them both (especially 'Don't You Forget Me') - So big her up every time and I THINK she might be releasing a Reggae/Pop album in 2011 so definitely look forward to that and even if not, just more big releases from one of Soca's most original talents.

Okay and for everyone who's tired of me doing anything Soca like, there's this potential GEM of an album, "Skyfiya", from The Uprising Roots Band. I may just review this one for Friday, but if I don't, by all means jump on it because it is HEAVY (and it's in store now).

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