Saturday, March 12, 2011

Video Drop #19

‘Wotless’ by KES The Band [Directed by Walt Lovelace & Kees Dieffenthaller]

Definitely and clearly first up this week is the video clip of the reigning Groovy Soca Monarch winning tune, ‘Wotless’, by Kees Dieffenthaller and company of KES The Band. The group, although registering slightly outside of the ‘mainstream’ of Soca acts has always been great at promoting themselves and I was VERY happy to see that there was a video for this wonderful song. So how about that video? It’s pretty good. Such a cool and vibrant tune produces an equally breezy and bright video. The premise here is that this tune is born from this really cool jam session (biggup Jalena) that the group has and they also have quite a few friends join them as well during Kees’ various detours throughout the house. Cameos are all around with the two tops being (for me, at least) Kerwin Du Bois who joins in on a short piece of another big tune, ‘Ah Ting’ and the lovely Nadia Batson.

Video Rated: 4.25/5
Video - Song Link: 3.5/5

‘African Whine’ featuring Da Brains by Tiwony

Next we have a BIG video for a tune which I’m sure KES The Band would enjoy, the Soca infused ‘African Whine’, by the always welcomed Tiwony who is joined by Da Brains - A Hip-Hop group from out of Senegal where this video was also shot. First of all, Tiwony has a bit of reputation for making outstanding videos and this one is certainly no different. Second of all, this tune - I LOVE - And I love it more and more each time I hear it. The song is set to appear on the ultra talented Gwada chanter’s forthcoming album, ”Cité Soleil” and it’s definitely going to sale a few units on its own. The video is just a good time had in Senegal by all. Obviously we love seeing the culture and the people getting into the music (not too hard in this case) and all of that just really keeps Tiwony’s streak of visual dominance intact and have I mentioned that I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT until April 11th (which is actually a month from today)?

Video Rated: 4.5/5
Video - Song Link: 5/5

‘Get Out’ by Ziggi Recado

Parallels are all about as we stick in Senegal (I THINK) with another of my own personal favourites, Statian Reggae star Ziggi Recado, who has his own new album arriving just a week after Tiwony’s (which, just like Tiwony, will be his third) (kinda creepy now isn’t it???) (oh! And I’m pretty damn sure that Tiwony is actually in this video) (if they’ve done a combination, it will be ridiculous) and he’s dropping the brand new single for it, ‘Get Out’. This very funky and increasingly intoxicating tune spawns a video which is DAMN strong. I do like the added effects of seeing the words, but the main attraction is just the nice scenery. We do see the subject of the tune fed occasionally (particularly when Ziggi finds himself in a taxi with a STUNNING young lady who completely ignores him) (good for him for trying, however) (I’d probably stil be trying to get her attention), but I just really like looking at this one and I also REALLY like this tune as well . . . Oh and have I mentioned that I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT until April 18th (which is actually a month and a week from today)?

Video Rated: 4.5/5
Video - Song Link: 3.5/5

‘Time of My Life’ featuring Beenie Man by D’Angel [Directed by Janelle Dyer]

I don’t spend very much time writing about him at all, especially not these days, but I should definitely say that Beenie Man, STILL, is my favourite Dancehall artist ever - The man is just cool and always seems to appreciate his position as one of the luckiest human beings in the world - Getting paid to do what he does. Certainly he was even more appreciative in the near four minutes of his latest video for ‘Time Of My Life’ because he spent it attached, in some way or another to . . . Wife, D’Angel. At last check, NOW, the two are back together and seem to be having the time of their lives. This video, which was obviously shot just in front of some random green screen isn’t very good, but they do seem to be having a good time which is really all that matters. Also check the cameo by their seemingly very bewildered (or very indifferent) son, Marco Dean.

Video Rated: 3/5
Video - Song Link: 4/5

“Playback” by Collie Buddz [Directed by Raremink]

And finally we have an example of a video which makes a tune sound better as the famed Collie Buddz from out of Bermuda delivers his latest video (not very long after his last video, for ‘Holiday’), ‘Playback’. The tune is the title track for Buddz’ latest venture, an EP and presumably (at least), we’re likely to get the next LP sometime in 2011. Although this tune has been doing a bit of damage, I’m not too fond of it - It’s not a bad song, but I just don’t like it too much - But I do have a newfound appreciation for it after watching this OUTSTANDING video clip. We find ourselves a fly on the wall during a very busy day for Buddz (although I think the goal was to try to give a sample of how his life is, in general) and we see what he goes through. Definitely the highlight comes during the chorus where Buddz’ words become the commands for what happens visually in the video - “playback - rewind - pause”. BEAUTIFUL!

Video Rated: 4.75
Video - Song Link: 5/5

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