Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Tunes #48

"Hold a burn. Hold a burn! HD wait your turn. You comeback this year, next year you cannot return!" Yep. I have no idea which number Big Tunes this is anyone know without looking back??? . . . Okay it's #48 which means in two weeks (unless I miss a week) (and I might) we'll be looking at #50 and blah blah blah. That's a lot of tunes and hopefully we haven't repeated, but we may have. This week we a veteran, a MOST welcomed newbie and a tandem tune which I'm entirely too lazy to figure out. Next week we can have you - Link us at and, as usual, biggup Bredz.

So ummmm . . . Guess who I got an email from last week??? Sara Lugo! Most surprisingly (not really) she linked us and, not unexpectedly, she's a very nice person with a nice sense of humour and certainly this will come as a COMPLETE SHOCK (again, not really) to my readers, but Lugo has a new album coming out in May by the name of "What About Love" and she's set up a nice TASTE of it for your listening pleasure. I'm not going to tell you what else she said . . . You know what - Actually I will tell you what she said, but you'll have to give me a little while and it'll take me about 2500 words to REALLY express it, so stay tuned.

How do you follow that? With VIBES of course. Biggup veteran contributor of big tunes Allan, who I'm pretty sure is from New York by way of Guyana, and I'm also pretty sure is serving up his first tune suggestion of 2011 and doing so in the most interesting form of a cover of a Bob Marley tune, 'Is This Love', by English cutie Corine Bailey Rae. Kind of Reggae-ish (duh), kind of Soul-ish too and just a lovely lovely song. Well done Allan, as usual my friend, and Happy New Year also.

Okay and finally from my readers is Nat . . . Kind of. I got an email from Nat's address but apparently she wrote some of it and a friend of hers (whose name . . . Yeah - Don't feel like it) helped too, but there were a ton of Soca tunes in there and some Reggae also (which she'll have to resend if she wants it on next week's post because there is no way I'll remember to go back and check). Anyway, I exercised my own tastes and pick my personal favourite of the lot they sent and it was DEFINITELY the big hit from Mystik Vibration - 'I Like It' [aka 'C'est Bon'] which CLEARLY comes from Nat's friend so biggup the friend and we'll almost surely be hearing from Nat next week as well.

As for me, I had a tune in my head, but I think I'm going to show it in a different way for tomorrow's post, so that leaves me with no tune, but my overactive brain is taking care of that right now. . . Oh shit (see)! I have two tunes but I'll leave one for next week because it's more popular and it can wait. There's a riddim name the Caicos Gal from Fire Beat Records and it's NICE - Probably my favourite tune on this set is this GEM from Natty King, 'Going Home'.

  • Biggup everyone hurt and lost in the tragedy in Japan
  • Biggup Jah Woosh
  • Reviews next week for Anthony B and blah blah blah [probably Kes]

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