Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Tunes #50!: Tiny Tunes

Yep! It may have taken entirely too damn long (it did), but because we're reaching milestones this weekend - Here's another one. A really long time ago we started, on the indirect suggestion of someone whose name I forget, a feature where we posted big tunes from my big readers and now we've reached #50. So, to celebrate the TRULY ridiculous nature of this post, I thought that I'd go the opposite way and celebrate the not so big tunes that so often go overlooked. Like I said, it's taken a really long time, because apparently my readers don't listen to bullshit, but here you are.

You'll be happy to know that next week, or whenever the next time we do this is, we'll be back to normal so send your (actual) big tunes to

Okay! First up of our not so big tunes this week and first to take the really obvious way out is Nat who suggests the former worldwide smash hit 'Who Let The Dogs Out?' by The Baha Men. Okay . . . I don't hate this song and I actually don't even think it's a bad song, BUT I think it does apply in some regards because clearly it is the most ANNOYING song of all time. Not only that, but if you listen to the entire thing (something I haven't done until just now in a very long time), it sounds like about 5 different songs wrapped up into one and it probably confuses small children - Something which I'll likely check in the morning.

Next we have a selection which I surely helped along in some way but, it was good because no collection of tunes like such could be complete without THE WORST SONG OF ALL-TIME. From big man Callax, who we haven't heard from in a minute - It's LOC with 'Ring Ding Ding'. If he didn't mention it, I certainly would have (and I actually mentioned it to him) because where the previous tune confuses small children, this one scares the hell out of really really grown men.

And lastly from our wonderful readers is someone who probably doesn't read very much because he's too busy running the place - It's Bredz who apparently didn't feel like thinking too hard when he reached back a few weeks or so to the latest album from Reggae star, Anthony B, "Rasta Love" . Of course, when you make enough songs, and he has, you're bound to make a few missteps and the biggest as of late from Anthony B was this atrocious Disco/Euro-poppified 'Time To Have Fun' [oh oh oh uh oh oh oh].

Moi??? Okay - you'll never hear me bashing him and I'm not about to start now, but Serani is probably one of my LEAST favourite artists going today. He just doesn't make my kind of music and that's what it is but, like I said, you won't hear me talking about him in Kartel-like terminology. I am, however, prepared to give you an example of what I don't like about his music and here it is. It's 'All I Need' with Shurwayne Winchester. I don't know if the man was ill when he sang it, but he sounded HORRIBLE on this tune and I guess no one else realized it because it did well a couple of seasons back - But I can't stand this damn song.

  • If I (and by "I", I mean Bredz, of course) can figure out how to post it, then tomorrow I'll give you one of the greatest lists you've ever seen here EVER
  • Review for Danny I's new album, "To His Majesty", hopefully on Tuesday


  1. LOL at the Loc tune, i certainly agree, it's one of the worst tunes ever coming anywhere near the reggae/dancehall genre.

    Even makes artists like Redrat sound good, lol :D Can't believe i used the word good in the same sentence as "Redrat", lol