Saturday, April 9, 2011

Completely Random Thoughts 29: This Is Not Sparta!

Okay let’s see how I can fuck this up.

1. “Helta Skelta” by Mad Cobra
2. “A Better Tomorrow” by Mavado
3. “Trinidad Stories” by David Rudder
4. “Vizionary” by Batch
5. “Serious Matters” by Revalation
6. “Hott” by Destra
7. “Unconditional Love” by Marlon Asher
8. “Naturally Black” by Natural Black
9. “Ghetto Living” by Linval Thompson
10. “Bad From Mi Born” by Munga Honourable
11. “Motherless Child” by Teflon
12. “Timeless” by Jahmel
13. “Dem No Know Demself” by Lutan Fyah
14. “Real & Down To Earth” by Isasha & Million Voice
15. “I Am Who I Am” by KMC
16. “Yes We Can” by Cocoa Tea
17. “Section Zouk All Stars Vol. 6”
18. “Set The Captives Free” by Prince Theo
19. “The Universal Cure” by Jah Cure
20. “Guardian Angel” by Natural Black
21. “Caribbean Girl” by Nadia Batson
22. “Keep Your Joy” by Jah Mason
23. “Flame On” by Machel Montano HD
24. “Love Is The Way” by Jah Hem
25. The Beauty Riddim
26. “Purification Session” by NiyoRah
27. The Rock Steady Riddim
28. “Ghetto Youth-ology” by Sizzla
29. “Timeless” by Vybz Kartel
30. “Own This Life” by Raz Bin Sam
31. “Rasta Got Soul” by Buju Banton
32. “Holding Firm” by Ras Attitude
33. “Queen Omega” by Queen Omega
34. “Love & Affection” Pressure
35. “More Knowledge” by Macka B
36. “Giddimani” by Perfect
37. “Best of The Best: Soca Hits 09”
38. “Rebelution” by Yami Bolo
39. “Down In The Ghetto - Mixtape Album”
40. “Whosoever Will” by Messenjah Selah
41. “Hosanna” by Sizzla
42. “African Be Proud” by Lutan Fyah
43. “Modern Revolution” by Sojah [Konshens & Delus]
44. “Pack Up & Leave” by Ras Mac Bean
45. “Info” by Harry Toddler
46. “Real Rebels Can’t Die” by Nereus Joseph
47. “Awake” by Julian Marley
48. “Awake” Meshach & Wevolusion
49. “Healing” by Malika Madremana
50. “Montego Bay” by Queen Ifrica
51. “Phantom War” by Lutan Fyah *
52. “Saddle To The East” by Jah Mason, Anthony B & Steve Machete
53. “Soca Gold 2009”
54. “World Crisis” by Norrisman
55. “Karma” by Perfect
56. “Ghetto Life” by Jah Cure
57. “Genesis” by Ward 21
58. The Dub wise & Indiscretion Riddims
59. “I’m A Winner” by Spanner Banner
60. The Sweet Riddim
61. “One Atonement” by Yahadanai
62. “Machel Montano Presents The HD Family”
63. “2 Strong” by Sizzla & Anthony B
64. “Chuck Fenda: Live In San Francisco”
65. “Conquering Sound” by Ancient King
66. “Heavenly Drum” by Machel Montano HD
67. “To Mene” by Midnite
68. “The Pressure Is On” by Pressure *
69. “Irits” by First Born
70. “Pure Love” by Queen Omega
71. “Poor” by Culture Brown
72. “Confidence” by Gentleman
73. “One Mission” by Capleton & Anthony B
74. “Rated G” by Lady G
75. “Herbalist” by Chezidek
76. “Operationnel” by Blenda
77. “Jack It Up” by Spragga Benz
78. “Escape From Babylon” by Alborosie
79. “Man Redemption” by Jahmings Maccow
80. “Serve Jah” by Luciano
81. “Higher Ground” by Bushman
82. “Justice” by Lutan Fyah
83. “Contagious” by Tarrus Riley
84. “Original Yard Man” by Mitch
85. “Kings & Warriors: Capleton School” by David House
86. “Away From Babylon” by Queen Omega *
87. “Work It” by Shelly G
88. “2 Sides of My Heart Vol. 1” by Gramps Morgan
89. “Entre Toi Et Moi” by Kénédy
90. “Never Give Up” by Jah Mason *
91. “True Stories of Mark Wonder & Friends” by Mark Wonder
92. “Viv La Vi” by Tiwony
93. “Red, Green & Gold” by Mikey General
94. “Ina Now” by Midnite
95. “Let Dem Talk” by The Itals
96. “The Sweetness Riddim
97. “The Book of Angels” by Machel Montano
98. “Our World” by T.O.K
99. The Marcus Garvey Riddim
100. “Rain On Me” by Lady Passion
101. “Culture Dem Vol. 3”
102. “World War” by Natural Black
103. “Témoignage” by Saël
104. ‘Love So Nice” by Junior Kelly
105. “Good Profile” by Delly Ranx
106. “Zion Gates” by LMS
107. “Finally Captured Live” by Inner Visions
108. “King of Kings” by Elijah Prophet *
109. The Saint Jago De La Vega Riddim
110. “Fully Loaded”
111. “Words of Wisdom” by Turbulence
112. The Wonderland Riddim
113. “Herbs Man” by Ras Zacharri
114. “I-Meditation” by Ras Attitude
115. “Tell It Like It Is” by Stevie Face
116. The Mighty Right Riddim
117. “Rising Up” by Lutan Fyah
118. “De Road Show” by El-A-Kru featuring Tizzy
119. “Pon Di Gaza” by Vybz Kartel
120. “Love Is In The Air” by Warrior King
121. “I Grade” by Chezidek
122. “The Uprising” by Louie Culture
123. “Soca or Die” by Destra
124. “I Space” by Sizzla
125. “Trodding” by Natty King
126. “The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2009”
127. “Heart Ah Joy” by Sabbattical Ahdah
128. The Ghetto Riddim
129. The Standing Firm Riddim
130. “Joyful Noise”
131. “Vibes” by Glen Washinton
132. “Luv A Dub” by Alaine
133. “Can’t Stop Us” by Omar Perry
134. “Keep On Trying” by Fred Locks
135. “Something Old, Something New” by Beres Hammond
136. “Le Moi De May” by Goldee
137. “A Different Age” by NiyoRah
138. “Reggae Resistance: Supreme Riddim”
139. “Fulfillment” by Chuck Fenda
140. “Flame Storm” by Bunji Garlin
141. “Love Life” by Black Dillinger
142. “Movin’ Ahead” by Lorenzo
143. “Joyful Noise” *
144. “Coming Back For You” by Pressure
145. “For Your Consideration” by Lloyd Brown
146. “Just Cooling” by Jerry Johnson
147. “Rebelution” by Tanya Stephens *
148. “Love Again” by Lukie D
149. “French Connection” by Perfect
150. The Focus Riddim
151. “Everton Blender: Live At The White River Reggae Bash”
152. “Strictly The Best Vols. 40 & 41”
153. “Solid Ground” by Empress Robertha
154. “Sak Pasé” by Bigga Haitian
155. “Binghi Man” by Bigga Haitian
156. “Nah Linga” by Tinga Stewart
157. “The King’s Son” by Lutan Fyah
158. “Music” by Lutan Fyah
159. “The Burning Melody’ by Lion D
160. “Justice Must Come” by Steve Steppa
161. The Sugar Riddim
162. “Lion Camp” by Ishi Dube
163. The Surfer Riddim
164. “Lustre Kings In Dub Vol. 1”
165. “Eruption” by Malkijah
166. The Proverbs Riddim
167. “Roots Rocking Reggae Vol. 1”
168. “Caveman Culture Sound Vol. 1”
169. “Tune In To Merry-Go Round” [riddims]
170. The Jah Live Riddim
171. “Strictly One Drop Vol. 3”
172. “Motherland” by Jah Pearl & Bouddha Sticks
173. “The Burning Melody” by Lion D *
174. “Now & Forever” by Sanchez
175. “Nhakente” by Buggy
176. “Da Real Thing” by Sizzla *
177. “Crucial Times” by Sizzla
178. “Ms. Alysha Now” by Ms. Alysha
179. “Rebelution In Dub” by Yami Bolo
180. “The Music Man” by Steele
181. “Creation” by Anthony John
182. “Persistence” by Norrisman
183. “Still Blazin” by Capleton *
184. “Matsahyel” by Iba
185. “Album 34” by Machel Montano
186. “Wadada: The 1st Itation”
187. “Rooted In Inity” by Blaak Lung
188. “Genuine” by Bescenta
189. “My Hope” by Anthony B *
190. “Long Journey by Naptali
191. “Red Pond” by Junior Kelly
192. “Closure” by Maurice
193. The Breadfruit Riddim
194. “Change” by Sahra Indio
195. The Strange Things Riddim
196. “I Know” by Eljai
197. The Classic Riddim
198. The Steel Frog Riddim
199. “Lava Ground” by I Wayne *
200. “Praises To The King” by Capleton
201. “Judgement Time” by Chezidek
202. “Born To Be Free” by Natty King
203. “Brighter Day” by The Ayaaso Band
204. The Africa Riddim
205. “Uncrowned” by Teflon
206. “Instinct Admiral” by Admiral T
207. “Never Lost My Way” by Ginjah
208. “Kalash” by Kalash
209. “What Makes A King?” by Midnite
210. “Distant Relatives” by Nas & Damian Marley
211. “The Strong One” by Etana *
212. “Meaningfulmuzic” by Formulla
213. “Feel Your Presence” by NiyoRah
214. “Comin’ 4 You” by Elephant Man
215. “Caribbean Queen” by Alison Hinds
216. The Soul Riddim
217. “Soca Gold 2010”
218. The Box Guitar Riddim
219. “Justice” by Roger Robin
220. “Romain Virgo” by Romain Virgo
221. “I-Ternal Fire” by Capleton
222. “D.O.B.” by Busy Signal
223. “Babylon Is Dead” by Franz Job
224. “Back To Africa” by Harry Mo *
225. “Hold You” by Gyptian
226. “Diversity” by Gentleman
227. “20ten” by Bryan Art
228. “Black Gold” by Toussaint
229. “United States of Africa” by Luciano
230. “Genesis” by Maikal X
231. “The Journey” by Turbulence
232. “Bobo Revolution 2”
233. The Repeat Riddim
234. “Looking Hot” by Patrice Roberts
235. “Serious Times” by Luciano *
236. “Put The Stereo On” by Gappy Ranks
237. “Dancehall Anarchy” by Lieutenant
238. “Digital Acoustics”
239. “The Beautiful Side of A Kreyol Folk Trip” by Stevy Mahy
240. “My Way” by Lady Saw
241. “Reggae Music” by Ossie Dellimore
242. “Time & Place” by Lutan Fyah *
243. “Shotta Culture” by Spragga Benz
244. “Mon Nid D’iles” by Methi’S
245. “Words & Melody” by Bobby Tenna
246. “Fire Up” by Ras Midas
247. “Black Gold” by Duane Stephenson
248. “Before The Dawn” by Buju Banton
249. “Come Into My Life” by Adele Harley
250. The Vitamin & Highlight Riddims
251. “Unchangeable” by Danny I
252. The Ifficial Riddim
253. “The Jam Sessions” by Jalena
254. “Mortima Hardly” by Natural Black
255. “Spiritual Revolution” by Mikey General
256. The Drop Dance Riddim
257. “Mi Deh Yah” by Clinton Fearon
258. “Teach Them Right” by Apple Gabriel
259. “Jah Bless Us” by Ras Indio
260. “Messages” by Lyricson
261. “Cultural Vibes Vol. 1”
262. “We’re Not Alone” by Bless Noble
263. The Major & Minor Riddims
264. “Write My Name” by Luciano
265. “Cornerstone” by Lloyd Brown
266. “Born To Rule” by Mikey General
267. “Strictly The Best Vols. 42 & 43”
268. “Coming Home” by Ras Shiloh *
269. “Babylon Nightmare” by Jahdan Blakkamoore
270. “The Everlasting Riddim
271. The Catalog Riddim
272. “No Holding Back” by Wayne Wonder
273. “Sirens From A Distance” by Crisopolis
274. “Keep Ya Head Up” by Jah Mason
275. “Halfway Tree” by Damian Marley
276. “Long Journey” by Naptali *
277. “Bushman Sings The Bush Doctor” by Bushman
278. “Secrets De Femme” by Fanny J
279. ”Tinkin Out Loud” by Ambush
280. “Self Reliance” by Hi Kee
281. “7 Year Itch” by Protoje
282. “Be Ever” by Blaak Lung
283. “Live On: Tribute To Culture” by Kenyatta Hill
284. “Free Expressions” by Etana
285. “From Creation” by Alpheus
286. “Dance & Sweep!: The Adventures of The Energy God” by Elephant Man
287. The Backstabber Riddim
288. “Book of Job” by Richie Spice
289. The Peppa Riddim
290. “Inflammable” by Paille
291. “Rasta Love” by Anthony B
292. “Miss B” by Nadia Batson
293. “Plead My Cause” by Junior X
294.”Real Rebels Can’t Die” by Nereus Joseph *
295. “Skyfiya” by The Uprising Roots Band
296.”Wotless” by Kes The Band
297. “Journey To Israel” by Singing U
298. “The Return” by Machel Montano
299.”Ten Strings” by Tuff Lion *
300. “Welcome Back” by Destra

GREAT! I only screwed this up MASSIVELY, but I’m going to pretend that I didn’t until . . . Tuesday. Okay, I had a couple of readers (with far too much time on their hands) who noticed the rather unusual placement of a ‘modern classic’ in the middle of the week, before another review and after another review in a week which I didn’t do anything else and didn’t announce anything. That’s fantastic - You pay entirely too much attention to me! But for everyone else, I had a reason for that. First of all, ”Ten Strings” is wicked and you need to go and get it and, like I said, I was looking to do more challenging sets in April and that one definitely well qualifies in my opinion. Okay, second of all, at the beginning of the week, I would have been at 297 reviews, which means I would have only needed THREE to get to 300 - So I needed to write three reviews this week and there you go! Also, if I timed it like I did, I could give the ‘honour’ of being number 300 to one of my favourites, Destra (actually she was #302, but . . . Yeah just ignore this part).

The main point being, obviously, that in about 25 and a half months, THERE ARE 300 REVIEWS ON THIS BLOG! That is completely and totally ridiculous. It makes absolutely no sense, but it’s so - So please allow me to kiss my own ass for a moment.

Thank you

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to my readers for sticking around. Certainly my time is almost done, but I wanted to create, above all other things, a good reference aid for Reggae and I think I’ve done that as well as I can. Surely I could just list out tracklists, which several of you have suggested I do, but I don’t feel like it and when I don’t do that, it promotes cross referencing, so you’ll have to go somewhere else to find that (even though when I do a review, these days, I mention every track on the album and it’s been that way for at least a year) and in the process of you doing that - You’re likely to find something else you like as well. And - Oh yeah, that’s a lot of work! I write reviews checking in well over 2500 words and modern classics are well over 3000 generally. So big me up too. I know I don’t spell check very well and I don’t pay a great deal of attention sometimes and I go off on tangents about absolutely nothing, but I work HARD and hopefully whatever number we end up at, it helps people in the future to reference the greatest music, in the greatest era in the history of the world. And to show you just how appreciative I am, here’s a picture of Lenora Crichlow!

{Note: You know someone is REALLY beautiful when you find them so despite the fact that their look is almost nothing like your type. She is neither extremely dark chocolate, nor terribly curvy, but Lenora Crichlow is absolutely GORGEOUS}

ALSO! In my own most humble opinion, our greatest quality is our versatility. If all goes according to plan, the next review I write will be for an album from Danny I (the second one I’ve written for him) and if you just go down my list and see the vast variety of names we’ve dealt with, I think it’s madness! Is one place that will give you a review for Etana’s latest release AND Machel Montano AND Patrice Roberts’. AND Admiral T. AND Black Dillinger. AND Blenda! AND Stevy Mahy (what!). The biggest Reggae albums, AND the biggest Soca albums AND, occasionally, the biggest Zouk albums also. And just truly a wide variety, so big up everybody for reading and I don’t know how many more I’m going to give you, but we’ve had a great time doing it.

Tomorrow we’ll have more fun, because I’m FINALLY giving you Big Tunes #50 with a hitch. Tuesday is Danny I . . . Oh and on Monday! I’ll give you another reason to love me (especially if you enjoy movies).

Here’s a song!

BALANCE & Absolutely No Behaviour! None!

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