Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big Tunes #55

Nice week yeah! If you didn't enjoy it too much then you'll be happy to know that it's over and the next one is here - So do whatever you like. Biggup Bredz for losing his mind in more ways than one (and I'm about to tell you about one of them anyway) (the other one??? No). Besides his madness this week we have another very 'colourful' participant and a new person as well. Let's go.

So, a couple of days ago Bredz sent my Wife (his sister) a picture of his back to show . . . That he has a new tattoo! It's his first (that I know of) and it is hideous, but he seems to like it, so big him up. Anyway, his sister, hilariously on his behalf suggests a tune. It's Kartel with 'Colouring Book'. And just for the sake of . . . . Whatever - I don't hate this song. I'm not terribly fond of the riddim and I'd probably never let someone draw on my flesh, but it's kind of a fun tune and, at least style-wise, it's similar to the old style of Kartel everyone (meaning ME) used to enjoy. And biggup my Wife everytime.

Next we have the infamous Nat (who literally sent us 100 messages last week) who has found herself STUCK on [one of] the latest from the legendary Shabba Ranking, 'None A Dem', which is his cut of Stephen McGregor's GORGEOUS Peppa Riddim from earlier this year. Something about hearing Shabba deejaying HARD will probably always appeal to me in some way or another, but damn I wish he had made an actual (REGULAR) chorus to this song. Incidentally if you do pick up the digital version of the Peppa (and you should), this tune won't be on it because it came later, but you can find it as a digital single.

And lastly this week we have a new reader and an IMMEDIATE participant to this feature, David from Austria. So, of course he's bringing some tune from some big artist from Austria that we've never heard of right??? Wrong - Instead he apparently got struck by our recent "Lyrics!" feature on the brilliant Lutan Fyah, so he thought that he'd chime in with a personal favourite of his own and a song which I haven't heard in some time actually. It's the BIG 'Destiny' from the Babatunde Riddim. Excellent choice David and give me something strange next time.

As for me, everything fairly easy this week. It's BIG new Alison Hinds, 'We Ain't Going Nowhere'. Really really vibrant and LOVELY tune and definitely one of the best I've heard coming for Cropover 2011.

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